Tuesday 29 April 2014

THE ARSE 3 THE TOON 0 *** PREMYAA LEEGUE *** 2013-2014

Posted '2:10pm bells' Tuesday 29th April 2014
View from row 15 seat 644 lower tier


Last neet waz the neet that the Toon fans totally torned on wor beleaguered manager and az we approached the tornstiles at the visitors end we could hear the "PARDEW OUT!" chants loud and clear!---and this of course iz BEFORE the match had even kicked off!

And of course!---predicably!--- we 'hoyed the towel in' in yet anothaa depressin' performance that could send yoo to sleep az 'The Arse' totally controlled the game from start to finish.

We somehow survived 32 minutes before they took the lead when Ozil knocked the baall into wor net when he waz clearly offside?---Just before the break it waz 'game ower' az they doubled their lead through Giroud and reeely there waz 'ne way back' az we'd anly had one weak shot on target up until this point by Tiote and NE corners!"
"ALAN PARDEW!---IT'S SIX IN A ROW!" (defeats) The Toon fans mocked, alang with: "YOU'RE NOTHIN SPECIAL---WE LOSE EVERY WEEK!" az we pointed towards the home fans behind the goal nearest to us!

Giroud seeled their 3-0 victory at the mid-point of the 2nd half az Toon fans chanted: "YOU'RE NOTHIN SPECIAL!---TOTTENHAM SCORED 4!" (Sporz beat us 4-0 at St James'!)
We had two shots on target in this half (wow!) and NE corners again!
'The Arse' could easily have had more and we were thankful at least that it wasn't the SEVEN we conceded here last season!

Chants of: "PARDEW! PARDEW! WOTS YOUR EXCUSE!?" (for this defeat and sixth in a row) and: "ALAN PARDEW!---IT'S NEVER YOUR FAULT!" then rang oot aroond the away terraces az the groond emptied rapidly! ---
After the match we heeded for 'The Big Red' on Holloway Road (where we had been before the match) to drown wor predicable sorrows!----"Roll on the close season!"

 Toon team: Krul, Debuchy (Yanga 84), Williamson, Coloccini, Dummett, Tiote, Anita, Sissoko, Gosling (Shola Ameobi 70), Gouffran (Armstrong 89?) <(wot waz the point in bringin' him on for ONE minute!?), Remy

Attendance:*60,023? (1,800 Toon fans)There were thoosands of empty seats due to a tube strike so 'The Arse' must have included their season ticket holders who didn't torn up!)

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