Wednesday 16 April 2014


Posted '12:20pm bells' Wednesday 16th April 2014


News last week that 'The Jellied Eels Mob' of West Ham are the 4th team in 'The Schalke Tournament' to be played in Jawmany in August iz NOT good news!
This iz because of previous 'history' between the two clubs, when infamously, some 34 years ago a Toon fan hoyed a firebomb into West Ham section of St James' Park!

Aalthough violence at matches iz ne where near the level of the 1970s and 80s there iz still a bit of 'bad blood' between the two sets of fans because of this!

Think aboot it!--both 'The Toon' and 'The Jellied Eels Mob' will take a boat-load of fans to this weekend tournament, az we both are oot of Europe next season and this will be wor/their anly chance to see European action in the next 18 months! (Aa hord that WE are takin' thoosands!)

Add in the fact that we will be mixin' with them for 4 days in the many boozers sellin' strong Jawman beer, then this iz a recipe for disaster waitin' to happen!
Whoever thought of puttin' the two sides together in a foreign tournament need their heeds knockin' together! <(are yoo reedin' this Alan Pardew?)

The othaa two teams involved are Malaga of Spain and (of course!) the hosts, Schalke 04  (Ne news of any ticket sales yet!)
Game times (but not opponents) have now been finalised and will be played @ Shalke's stadium on Saturday 2nd August with the forst game kickin' off @ '3 bells' (Jawman time!) and the second kickin' off @ '5 bells'
Then the next day the two losin' teams from the previous day will play each othaa @ '3 bells' with the winners of the previous day kickin' off @ '5 bells' (lets hope that these the anly 'kickin off times'!??)


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