Friday 25 April 2014


Posted '12:27pm bells' Friday 25th April 2014

For the 9th (NINETH!) time this season we have a blank weekend az we divvint play 'The Arse' away til Monday neet, meenin' yet more time off graft and of course expense! (hotels etc!)

We think that this MUST be a record, az iz wor 5 (FIVE!) Premyaa Leegue defeats in a row under the 'stewardship'? of 'I Beg Your Pardew'!
Somehow we can't see how this 'run' will not be extended to 6 (SIX!) and a torrid time iz expected @ 'The Em' on Monday neet!

Meeenwhile!--- it isn't aall doon and gloom on Tyneside az 'Gatesheed Heedbangers' play their last game of the season in The Conference against Cambridge United on Saturday teatime and even a draw will secure them a place in the 'play-off semis', with the ultimate dream a victory at Wembley in the final and a retorn to The Futbaall Leegue after a 54 year absence! <(we wish them well!)

Before that game there's anothaa one not far from 'the banks 'o' the Tyne' @ Northern Leegue 'Dunston Bad Blue Boys', who are hostin' Shildon in their final home game of the season @ Federation Park---and that's where we'll be heedin' forst, for this '3 bells kick off'
IF? we have time, then it will be 'a mad dash' to the othaa side of Gatesheed, just alang the Tyne, to try and make the '5:30 bells' kick off @ The International Stadium! <(we shall see!?)

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