Saturday 3 November 2012

292 bulls cross training complex spurs reserves

(Ground number 292)

Date of First Visit: 3rd November 2012

Bulls Cross Training Complex, Enfield, London

Tottenham Hotspur Reserve U21s 6

Newcastle United Reserve U21s 0

FA Professional Development League

Attendance: 150 (estimated) (4 extremleee mad-sad Toonhoppers!)

After droppin’ off fellow ‘mad-sad groundhopper ‘Liam of the Lamp’ outside the ‘Newcasel Laybaa Club’, havin’ just returned from wor 600 mile roond trip ‘sorte’ to “norf Landan”, it waz time to write the latest ‘Disaster Days instaalment’ to add to the extreeemleee ‘mad-sad list’!


We had set off from ‘Morrison’s Supermarket car park’ in Killingworth (where Liam waz workin’ the neetshift) @ ’twenty to seven am bells’ in mee ‘canny tranny’ for the 300 mile trip to Enfield, where Sporz have their new trainin’ complex.

With just fower hours to get there it waz always gannih be a ‘close caall’ az to wethaa we would make the ’11 bells’ start!?

To cut a lang story short we had ‘Googled’ a map to take us exactly to wor destination and on arrival in Enfield with ‘ne time to spare’ (az it waz dead on kick off time!) we tried frantically to find the complex which we thought waz next to a boozer called ‘The Rose and Crown’ (but it wasn’t!)

A desperate phone caall to ‘The Bear’ (who waz already at the complex) to ask him where the hell it waz, then followed!
The complex waz in fact a mile away from where we were on a different road (so he telt us!) and by the time we eventually foond it tucked in a little side road, we had missed the forst 20 minutes of the game!

‘Glennn from Ashington’ who waz aalso anothaa ‘extreeeme saddo’ who had made the ‘pilgrimage’ to the new groond, telt us that The Toon were aalready 2-0 doon and that Sporz had just scored their 2nd goal az we arrived! (at least we hadn’t missed any Toon goals!)

We DID see the thord goal, however!---scored by a TOON player, namely, Yven Moyo---UNFORTUNATELEEE it waz a heeded OWN GOAL to put us 3-0 doon orly in the 2nd half!

Sporz forward, Pritchard, then curled a free kick high into wor net, with ‘not one’ Toon player respondin’, az the baall flew past them!To be fair not one of wor line-up had ever had forst team experience and it showed!

A forthaa 2 goal from Sporz centre forward Obika, completed wor misery for a six-nil rout!We then jumped back in wor ‘canny tranny’ for the 300 mile journey back up the ‘A1’

Anothaa one off ‘The Disaster List’!

 PS: The Toon’s U18s aalso lost to Sporz U18s on a pitch at the far end of the complex which kicked off at the same time, by fower goals to one!
(NOT a good day for ‘The Toon’ in “norf Landan!”)

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