Wednesday 21 November 2012


Updated '8:15am bells' Thorsday 22nd November 2012

Tickets are still on sale for toneets home game against Maritimo (£15/£10 and a fiver!)
Ticket application forms for wor Europa Leegue game in Bordeaux on Thorsday December 6th are now open to season ticket holders with 50 loyalty points or more. @ just £13 a ticket (Premya Leegue clubs take note!)

In contrast, tickets which have just went on sale for wor Premya Leegue game in west London against 'The Wacko Jacko Jivers' on Monday 10th December are ower three times higher! @ £40 (£30 and £20 for zimmerframeites and sprogs!)
(now zero loyalty points)
For wor Boxin' Day games @ 'The Theatre of Muppets' (£45 plus concessions) and The Emirates (£35.50 plus concessions)  on December 29th yoo aalso need 25 loyalty points to apply

Wor game @ Sooothampton iz nuw a selloot to Toon fans on Sunday. STOP PRESS! aparentleee we have been given some more tickets for Sunday and theeze are priced @ £35 plus concessions! 

Tickets for wor game away to 'The Pulis P*ss Potts of Stoke' on Wednesday 28th November, are still on sale (£30 plus concessions)---zero loyalty points nuw required.

Home tickets for wor game against 'The Blue Moonies' on December 15th are now on sale az well
("ER!"---"hope yiv got plenty of money to buy aall theeze tickets!?")

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