Monday 26 November 2012


Updated '8:30am bells' Tuesday 27th November 2012

'Mooth-waaterin' news that wor 'FA Youth Cup thord roond tie' against 'The Arses' youth team tooneet will definateleee be played @ Barnet's Underhill Groond and NOT 'The Emirates', az waz forst feared!, iz great news for the 'NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers', az 'Underhill' iz a groond we have neva (ever!) played on or been te before!

Wots more!---the north London 'Leegue Two' club will leave their home of 105 years and move on to 'pastures new' @ the end of this season---never! to retorn! and so (unless we draa them in the FA Cup) this will be wor one and anly chance to gan there!
'The Bees' are rumoured to be movin' to a groond caalled 'The Hive' in Harrow for next season ("Er!"--"Wonder why it's caalled 'The Hive'?")

The anly thing that could scupper wor plans iz the fact that the torrential rain and gale force winds which have affected most of the UK iz set to continue for the next couple of days!
Some of the 'hoppers' are gettin' the train doon and some (like us daft f****rs!) are gannin' by road via the 'A1' (if it's not flooded that iz!?).
Lets hope that we aall get there!? (goggles and flippers at the ready!)

The game iz due to be played @ Underhill with a '7 bells' kick off! (Weather permittin'!) Match report to follow on Wednesday!---and if we DE make it---then! (see below!) 
"Get the broon ale 'on ice' oot!"

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