Friday 9 November 2012


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Ground number 293
Date of First Visit: 8th November 2012
Jan Breydel Stadion, Brugge, Belgium

Club Brugge 2
Newcastle United 2 (Anita, Shola Ameobi)

Europa League Group D

Attendance: 18,003 (2,600 Toon fans in the away end plus just as many 'hidin' in the home sections!)
(plus!-another 3,000 who were unable to get tickets and watched on big screens in the centre of Brugge!) (11,000 empty seats in the stadium!!!)


The neet before the match we drank in Brussels before heedin' for Brugge orly the next day which waz an hours train ride away.

We avoided the packed market square full of Toon fans where a big screen had been erected and heeded for some bars in the side streets away from the beaten track!
The bars aroond the square were aall servin' beer oot of plastic glasses, but the ones we foond had 'propa' ones to drink oot of!

Eventually we heeded in the direction of the groond which waz across a river that splits Brugge in two---anly to confronted by a line of 'dibbles' blockin' the picturesque bridge!
"Wor hotels on the other side of the bridge!" one of the lads said az he pointed to it in the distance, but they still wouldn't let us pass and so we had to de a mile detour across anotha bridge near to the train station to get ower the river!

The hotel they were stoppin' in had a bar and we decided to stop there until it waz time to gan to the match---which we were telt waz a twenty minute waalk from the hotel---WRANG!--it waz much fortha and az the police had banned Toon fans from usin' busses or taxis to get to the game, it waz 'shanks's pony' to the stadium! ("Wot a way to be treated!---EH!")

Havin' got through FIVE security checks, (that's reet FIVE!) we eventually got into the stadium with ten minutes to spare, but we were the lucky ones az quite a few missed the kick off!

Brugge took the lead in the 14th minute through Ivan Trickovski who shot past Tim Krul in the Toon goal and then doubled their tally six minutes later when Jesper Jorgensen hit an effort just inside the post in front of The Toon fans!

We fought back however when Anita hit a right footed screamer into the Brugge goal in the 41st minute and Shola Ameobi levelled things just two minutes later when he stabbed the baall home after he recieved a through baall from his younger brother Sammy to send the Toon fans wild with delight.

In the second period we nearly won it when 'Sammy Ami' hit the bar with a great shot but
there was ne more scorin' in the game and after bein' locked in for half an hour after the match we were eventually let oot for some post match 'liquid refreshments' in one of the local ale hooses!

We then heeded back to the hotel where a Toon fan telt us that hiz mate had been 'nicked'.
"Wot for?" we asked.
"He got to the fourth 'checkpoint' and waz asked once again to show hiz ticket, but he must have dropped it at the previous one and so they arrested him for attemptin' to get into the match withoot a ticket!"
(HONEST!--IT'S F*****' TRUE!)

Toon team: Krul, Anita, Williamson (Steven Taylor 58), Coloccini, Tavernier, Tiote, Sammy Ameobi (Amalfitano 83), Marveaux, Bigirimana (Cabaye 72), Obertan, Shola Ameobi

Europa League Group D
                      P   W   D   L   F   A   GD    Pts
THE TOON*4    2    2    0    6    2    +4    8 
Bordeaux****4    2    1    1    6    4    +2    7
Brugge******4    1    1    2    4    7     -3    4
Maritimo****4    0    2    2    1    3     -3    2

Much more to follow on wor trip in a 'mad-sad groundhoppers match/hootch report' later in the week!

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