Tuesday 14 February 2012


Posted '5:45am bells' Tuesday 14th February 2012
Today @ 1:00 bells this afternoon 'The Toons' second string take on 'The Toffee Noses' of Everton @ their Finch Farm trainin complex @ Halewood near Liverpool behind 'closed doors'.

Because this fixture could have been caalled off at the last minute because of a frozen pitch and because it iz very difficult to get past security for this game (apparently they divvint even let in close family to watch their kids/bruuvas/etc!) aa decided not to risk it and I am at work instead!

Az it's torned oot aa probably could have got in through a secret contact, but this wasn't certain, so 'work it iz'!

When the game kicks off aa'll be at a bakery not a stones throw from West Brom's groond collectin' a lorry load of bread to bring back to Gatesheed!

Just why clubs like Everton are so secretive and paranoid aboot barrin' fans and not even lettin' in family members coz they are terrified of a bigger club 'pinchin' one of their resorve players, iz beyond me!
Footbaall gets dafter and dafter az the years gan by!
Will just have to try and get in next time we play them!

However!---'The Geordie Times' DOES have a secret reporter at the gane (see photo above!)
Result to follow (when aa get back from West Brom later tooneet!)

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