Sunday 19 February 2012

GROUND NUMBER(s) 284a and 284b! The Academy of---"Ssshhh!!!---Yee Naa Wot!?", Cleadon ***********SMB U18s 2 THE TOON U18s 2 ***********SMB U16s 0 THE TOON U16s 3 ***********AGGREGATE SCORE 5-2 TO US!

Posted '9:45am bells' Sunday 19th February 2012

(Ground numbers 284a and 284b)
Date of First Visit: 18th February 2012
The Academy of SShhh! (yee naa wot!)

SMB U 18's 2 THE TOON U18's 2
SMB U 16's 0 THE TOON U 16''s 3

"TWO-TWO TO WHO!?"----
"Dennis Knight score from the penalty spot in
The Toon's U18's game on 'pitch number one'
@ 'The Mobile Tea-Hut End'!"

An unexpected double heeder against the SMB's youngins @ their Cleadon trainin' groond yesterday mornin' meant that we could try? and watch two games simitamiously on two ajoinin' pitches.

It was a new groond(s!) for me and aa anly expected the Toons U18's to be playin', but the added 'bonus' was that the U16's were playin' there az well with both games scheduled to kick off @ '11 bells'

The U16's game, however!, kicked off slightly later with the U18's startin' three minutes beforehand and this was the main game that aa decided to watch more closely!

Aa positioned meesel lookin' southwards towards the 'Seaborn windmill', so aa could glance ower to the U16's game shud there be a stoppage in play in the other!
The anly complication bein' that in the U18's game we kicked northwards towards a mobile tea-hut, which waz positioned behind that goal, (yes!--they had one!) (see main photo!) while in the U16's game, we kicked southwards in the forst half towards the windmill! ("help!")
(A'm not caalled 'The mad-sad groundhopper' for nothin'!)

Anyway!--forst 'blood' was drawn in the U18's game @ '11:26 bells' when the SMB's took the lead.
Their lead waz doubled just two minutes later az the wind howled aroond the isolated pitch, which had ne shelter for miles.

In the U16's game meanwhile, WE took the lead @ '11:38 bells' @ The Windmill End', but aa missed the goal az aa was concentratin' on the other game as we'd just been awarded a penalty which Dennis Knight cooly convorted @ '11:39 @ 'The Mobile Tea-Hut End'! (that's two goals in ONE minute for us at different end's of the groond(s!) (a new record!)

"Meanwhile!---Action from the Toon's U16's game on 'pitch number two'!"

Then in the second period(s) while there waz a lull in play in the U18's game aa torned roond to see wor number ten run through the home sides defence to score a fine goal @ 12:13.

Another goal a minute later for us (which aa missed this time!) sealed the victory for the U16's in that game, so aa concentrated fully on the U18's game from then on! (it doesn't get much dafter than this---folks!)

Wor penalty hero Dennis Knight then got himsel sent off for an alleged elbow on a SMB defender, but that didn't stop us from squarin' the game @ 12:26 precisely, when a Brandon Meile free kick deflected off a mackem's heed and into the net @ 'The Windmill End' and this was the final goal of the game(s)!

Not lang after this, the skies darkened and heavy sleet blew into wor faces for the final few minutes before the ref blew the full time whistle.
This meant that the 100 or so Toon fans in the crowd went yem, happy in the knowledge that at least the 'ten men' didn't get beat!  (most of the 300 or so mackem fans had left by this stage!)

On the way oot a mackem who had stayed, asked a Toon fan known az 'The Bear' wot the final score waz and he telt him that it waz "2-2"
"2-2 TO WHO?", he asked!!!! (there's ne answer to that one---iz there???) 

Combined attendances: 400 (estimated) (100 or so Toon fans/friends/family)

After this we heeded for Dunston for 'The Bad Blue Boys' FA Vase clash against Bethnal Green United of east London. (see match report on this game below!)

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