Saturday 5 November 2011


Posted '9:50 pm bells' 'Bonfire Neet' 2011

The unbeaten run just gans on! and on! and on! az we beat a very resiliant Everton 2-1 at St James' today.

A pin point cross from Danny Simpson in the 12th minute had the Toffees defence panickin' and John Heitinga vollied into his aan net @ The Gallowgate End to give us the lead!

Wor lead waz then doubled when Ryan Taylor hit a wonderous shot off the crossbar which reboonded into the visitors goal to send the 50,000 plus crowd into delerium (er!--apart from the Evertonion contingent-- that iz!)

The 'mickey mousers' then pulled one back, 'deed on half time' when Jack Rodwell levelled with a 'free heeder' at 'The Leazes End' in front of their near 3,000 fans in 'Level 7'

It was 'aall hands to the pump' in the second period az the visitors went aall oot for the equaliser, but The Toon managed to 'haad oot' and we secured wor seventh win of the season to move up (briefly!) to second place in the premya leegue table! ( Man U beat the SMB's 1-0 a couple of hours later to regain second spot!)
We are now THIRD (again!) and the 'party' continued well into the night with fireworks displays aall ower Tyneside to celebrate another win! (nothin' to de with 'Guy Fawkes' of course!)
Attendance: 50,671 (nearly 3,000 Evertonians)

The '100 pub crawl challenge' started off disastrously when the forst boozer we tried to visit wasn't open till '12 bells' (The Enigma!) and the second (Linekers) was aallso closed (permanently!) so we were telt!  
Wor thord on the list (Number 28 Bar) was aalso shut! (god help us!) so we had to 'slum it' in 'The Black Garter' to eventually de wor forst pub of the day @ '11:30 bells'!

The anly otha boozer we managed to visit before the match waz 'The Irish Club' where we bumped into a few aad scouse mates who were up from Morseyside for the game!

'The 100 pub crawl challenge' continued after the game and several new 'waaterin' holes' were added to 'the list'! (will update 'the list' tomorrow!---or when aa sober up!)

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