Sunday 20 November 2011


Posted '9:40 am bells' Sunday 20th November 2011


Whey!---it had to come to an end at some point and to lose to a team who will surely win the leeegue is no disgrace.
202 days withoot defeat in the premya leegue is a club record that is unlikely to be beaten and we'll just have to regroup for another visit to 'Manc-land' when we face 'The  Cockney Reds of Salford' next Saturday.
We didn't play badly in fact and to give TWO penalties away cost us the game.
We held wor own until the 40th minute when  Ryan Taylor handled in the box at the far end from us and Balotelli cooly placed his penaly into the corner of the net. Another blunder from Taylor bang on half time gifted the baall to Richards who took his chance well to double City's lead.

Ben Arfa then rattled the woodwork orly in the 2nd half for us, but the baall 'cruely' rebounded off the post and alang the goal line, when we aall thought that it was gannin in!
City increased their lead when another penalty was awarded when Ben Arfa fouled Richards and Aguero put the spot kick beyond Tim Krul in the Toon goal.
The City fans took the p*ss chantin' that we'd anly sold one tier of the away end, when we normally get two. This was because NUFC can't be bothered with the hassle of sellin' loads of away tickets as they don't make any money oot of it.
(The City fans obviously didn't naa this and it was embaracin'!)
(It's a total disgrace if you ask me!---For wor game @ 'The Theatre of Muppets' next week we've anly taken the minimum 1,800 away tickets, when we could have had more than double this!)

Some irresponsible Toon idiot then responded to the taunts by hoyin' a fire cracker into the home end and the City fans understandably 'went mental' and bottles and other missiles then started rainin' doon on wor section.

We then got a consulation goal in the last minute of normal time when Dan Gosling had the easiest of chances to fire home into an empty net!

Attendance: 47,408 which iz the highest crowd ever at this groond) (anly 1,700 Toon fans though!---not wor fault---blame the club!)

Aall good things must come to an end!---but hang on a minute!---aa might be clutchin' at straws but we havvent been beaten at home since we lost to Everton on 5th March!---THAT'S! 260 DAYS SINCE THE TOON LAST LOST A HOME GAME! (and coontin'!)

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