Sunday 9 October 2011

282 parc y scarlets llanelli

Here at last iz the 'mad-sad groundhopper match report' from wor resorve game at Llanelli in sooth Wales eleven days ago (the carrier pigeon got lost on the way back!)





NEWCASTLE UNITED RESERVES 5 (Michael Richardson, Shane Ferguson, Dan Gosling,

Nile Ranger (pen), Gregg McDermott)


ATTENDANCE: 692 (30 or so Toon fans)




News that wor resorve game against Swansea was DEFINITELY bein' played at the oddly named 'Parc Y Scarlets', Llanelli, had been conformed meant that we would visit wor second new resorve ground in the space of eight days, followin' wor visit to Chesterfield the previous Tuesday (see ground 281)

However!---it was not beyond the realms of possibility that it could have been moved to Swansea's *Liberty Stadium at the last minute (it HAS happened to us before) (*been there before---got the Tee shirt!)
An old mate called 'Dylan' who a'd forst started gannin' to the matches with in the 1960's had text iz the day before and asked if aa was gannin to the match?---Aa replied 'YES!' and he text back 'YIH AZ MAD AZ A HATTER!'

We had wor fingers (and toes!) crossed that it wouldn't be moved for whatever reason and set off @ '10:30 bells' for the 750 mile roond trip in 'The Batmobile' for a (new) sooth Wales ground! (That's 'Wales and NOT 'Australia'!) Three of us were gannin, namely---'The mad-sad groundhopper' (me!)', 'The Bear' and 'The Caped Crusader' who of course was drivin' 'The Batmobile'

Four other 'saddos' were aalso makin' the trip by train and we arranged to meet up at the nearest boozer to the ground as per usual


We took the 'scenic route' via Wetherby racecourse, 'the cloud factory @ Ferrybridge power station, Trowell services on the 'M1' and past the distant slag heeps in the Welsh valleys, then onward to Llanelli and finally arrived at the retail park next to the new stadium nearly six hours after departure!

If THIS didn't prove that we were sad b******s then nothin' would!



After parkin' up next to the stadium we heeded for the one and anly 'Beefeater' boozer which was a few hundred yards away for some much needed 'thirst quenchin' golden liquid!

Before lang 'train buffs' 'Dave from York' and his sidekick 'Alex of St George' sauntered through the door and 'Alex' said that they planned to gan back via the scenic 'through the Welsh valleys route' to Manchester as they'd never been on that line before and therefore they could cross that one off their list!. (It gets sadder and F*****' sadder folks!)

(Memo: Must do this when a'm 'truckin' roond the U.K. roads!---come to think of it? ---a'v neva drove on the 'B8011' 'Stornoway' to 'Uig' road through the Outer Hebredes before!---"Dear Diary!") (Er!---on second thoughts, perhaps NOT!)

'Glenn from Ashington' and his 'sidekick 'Byzy' then made their appearance and the 'seven saddos' entourage from the north east was complete!


It was soon 'match time' and so off we heeded in the direction of the ticket office to get some complimentary tickets which 'The Bear' had been promised (Swansea were chargin' a ridiculous TEN QUID? to get in so the complimentary's came in very handy to say the least!)

After bein' sent 'to and fro' between the ticket office and the main reception area coz nebody could find any tickets for us, we finally got wor hands on the prized pieces of paper just before the kick off and heeded for the main stand (the anly one open)

The new stadium which is used by Llanelli Scarlets rugby union team looked really smart and with a capacity of just under 15,000 it was more than enough to accommodate the estimated 600 or so who were housed in the main stand!

We took the lead in the 10th minute when Michael Richardson tapped in an easy chance from five yards oot.

We then doubled wor lead in the 15th minute when Shane Ferguson toe poked the baall past the Swans keeper.

It was 3-0 to us just 7 minutes after this when Dan Gosling picked up a loose pass to fire the baall home and it was 'game ower'!---whey!---not quite! as Swansea pulled one back before the break through Luke Moore after a terrible mix up in the Toon defence.

Then just as the ref was aboot to blow for half time Swansea's Steven Dobbie pulled another one back, with his shot wrang footin' Rob Elliot in the Toon goal.

Things then went from bad to worse just after the restart when Dobbie got his second with a shot off the post to unbelievably level the scores at 3-3!

We honestly thought that after this we would totally implode and lose the game but we were (thankfully!) wrang just one minute later as Nile Ranger went doon in the box 'like a sack of tatties' and the ref gave a penalty to us, with (justifiably!) strong protests from the home players!

Ranger took it himself and scored to restore wor lead in this 'see-saw' match!

The inevitable next goal came three minute later when Gregg McDermott became wor FIFTH scorer of the game when he tapped in from point blank range to put us 5-3 up to loud applause and relief from the 30 or so Toon fans present!

It wasn't ower yet though and the Welshmen nearly pulled another goal back in the last throws of the game, leavin' us bitin' wor finger nails and fearin' another comeback, until the ref put the whistle to his lips to blow for full time!

What a game!—but it was well worth it as we sped back through the Welsh valleys, arrivin' back yem at 2:45 am bells after clockin' up at total of 749.9 miles from whence we started! (accordin' to the 'Batmobiles trip meter!)

©Fink™ (the mad-sad grJundhJpper!)

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