Monday 9 May 2011


Posted 'high noon bells' on my 'clapped oot' lap top Monday 9th May
Skonto Stadium, Riga, Latvia (Venspils v The Toon 2006)

A ground-hopper is some-body who gets their 'fix' by visitin' new futbaall groonds.

There are two breeds of groundhoppers


The one's who 'collect' groonds and who WONT EVER gan back to a one they've visited previously and they will watch ANY team play as lang as it's on a new groond. (some have been to thoosands!)
They coont how many corners, free kicks and throw ins are given and log them in their stats books!

One particuarly sad case was an 'Anorak' from Watford who went to a non league cup tie in Yorkshire with his mates in a car.
He was an avid programme collector and when he got there he foond oot to his horror that there were ne programmes and he REFUSED point blank to gan in! 
He sat in the car til the game had finished, waitin' for his mates, who HAD went in! 
It went to extra time and penalties so he had to 'sit it oot' for a VERY LANG TIME!


They follow their chosen club and visit the same groonds season after season with the 'bonus' of visitin' a new groond every now and again in Europe or cup ties (etc.) against lower opposition and (in wor case!) followin' the resorve and junior teams as well, to new obscure venues (SEE BELOW!) 

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