Monday 9 May 2011

279 shirecliffe academy sheffield united

Date of First Visit: 4th MAY 2011

NEWCASTLE UNITED U18's 1 (McGorrigan)

PREMIER ACADEMY LEAGUE (NORTH)Fink 'Official'Attendance: 33 (includin' 'us' and at least 2 uthaa Toon fans!)(aye!---aa counted them!)


An unexpected new ground was 'in the offin' in this dinnertime kick off, as Newcastle Juniors were playin' away to Sheffield United Juniors in an Academy game. This was because work was a 'bit slack' and aa was waitin' for a phone caall to see if they needed me?

They didn't!---SO!---(az yi de!) it was off to sooth Yorkshire with 'The Caped Crusader' who was gannin' anyway, for the '12:30 bells' start @ Shirecliffe, to 'clock up' groond 279  (TCC has been to more!)

We got there withoot gettin' lost for a change!  (see groonds 277 & 278!)  and so we had a bit time to spare, but unfortunately there were ne 'waaterin' holes' near the groond, so aa had to settle for a cup of coffee instead and a 'big brekkie sarnie' (bacon,sausage & tomato in a bun!) in the Sheffield academy canteen, as aa was 'Hank Marvin' by this time!

We got to the pitch which was a short walk from the academy canteen, but it was taped off and we had to watch from a bad vantage point which was 20 yards from the nearest corner flag next to the changin' rooms?

We took the lead with barely 90 seconds on the clock when a Ben Sayers pass was intercepted by Ryan McGorrigan who fired home. As the game had kick off at precisely '12:28 bells' (2 minutes orly?)  we actually scored before the game started! (if yi see warra meeen!?)

The home side replied just before the break with a crackin' shot from their 'number 8' (there were ne team sheets on offer---so we didn't naa his name??)
Sheff U were the stronger team in the 2nd period, but they couldn't tek advantage due to two splendid saves from Jak Alnwick in 'The Toon' goal and a 'quality Streete' heeder off the goal line by 'Remi' (Streete!) and the game ended 'one's a piece'

Footnote: for the record aa later foond oot that 'The Blades' number 8 was caalled Elliott Whitehouse

©Fink™ (the mad-sad grJundhJpper!)

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