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Toon fans celebrate az Martin Dubravka saves to put NUFC into the qwaataa finals!

Lets get straight to the point!---this woz an aaful performance from NUFC az we struggled badly to even put 3 passes together and if it wasnt for Martin Debravka in wor goal defendin' The Darwen End where 7,000 plus screamin' Geordies were behind, we would have been 2-0 doon at the break az wor leaky defence went AWOL once again!----Bleakburn (No this isnt a sppellin mistayk, az Blackburn IZ a very 'bleak' place!) wornt much better than us, apart from their 2 chances when they reeely shud have taken the lead!

Indeed!-- if any team woz 'bleak' then it woz surely 'us'!

The game had kicked off 15minutes late at 8:00pm bells' because Toon fans were held up in the queues ootside due to too few tornstiles bein open and slow body searches!---We'd got there just after 7:00 bells' to avoid this, so by the time the game kicked off we'd been inside the groond for nearly an hour!----

Tennis baalls were hoyed onto the pitch by protestin home fans in protest at their Venkys Chicken owners in the 14th minute and the game woz held up to clear them from the pitch! (They've been in charge for 14 years!) 

This game had nil-nil written aall ower it, but it woz NUFC who eventually made the breakthrough in the 71st minute, after glarin misses from Almiron and Barnes, when Anthony Gordon broke the deadlock with a fine strike from inside the box, from a Miggy Almiron cross, to send the travellin faithful behind that goal into meltdoon!

Almiron's goal to send the Toon faithful into raptures!

However!---and to spoil the Toon party in The Darwen End, Lascelles made a hash of a pass to put the home side through on goal where an effort from Markanday woz brilliantly pushed onto the crossbar by Dubravka, but Szmodics woz on hand to slam the baall into the net at 'The Bleakburn End' just 8 minutes later! 1-1

We squandered forthaa chances after that and the inevertable extra time woz on the cards to keep us in wor seats for even langer!

It woz still 1-1 after extra time and several misses by NUFC to finish Blackburn off woz squandered! ----DREADED PENALTIES!

We won the toss and elected to take the kicks in front of the Geordie hoards!  The sequence of the penalties woz az follows:

Schar scores: 1-0 to NUFC

Szmodics shot saved by Dubravka: 1-0 to NUFC

Barnes shot saved by Pears: 1-0 to NUFC

Brittain scores: 1-1

Bruno scores: 2-1 to NUFC

Sigerson scores: 2-2

Anderson scores: 3-2 to NUFC

Ayari scores: 3-3

Gordon scores: 4-3 to NUFC

Hyam shot saved by Dubravka!: final score 4-3 to NUFC! to send the away end into Wembley dream land! (which iz just ONE more win away!)

By the time the penalties were taken it woz nearly '11:00 bells' meenin' that we had been inside the groond for nearly 4 hours!

Attendance: 22,730 (7,432 Toon fans in the upper and lower Darwen End!)

A predictable traffic jam followed az we attempted to get oot of Bleakburn which took ages--and then roadworks on the M6 at midneet (YES--midneet!) delayed us a forthaa 20 minutes and we eventually arrived back on Tyneside some 14 hours after we had left for the 300 miles roond trip!----An exaausitin expierience on the roads and on the pitch!

The draw for the qwaataa finals takes place at '7:00pm bells' tooneet (Alledgedleee!?) and can we pleeeeze have a home draw az wor last 5 cup ties have aall been away in the Leegue and FA cups!

Wor game at Palliss in sooth London will now be moved to a midweek slot, az it clashes with the FA Cup game!

Just one boozer woz visited this time aboot a 15 minute walk from Ewood Park!

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