Thursday 26 October 2023


 Posted from '1:30 pm bells' onwards, Thorzday 25th Octobaa 2023


I divvint naa just wot wor fans expected last neet, did they expect Dortmund to roll ower like PSG in the previous Champions Leegue home game???---Whey! that woz never gannin to happen and the alarm bells rang orly az the Jawman's had 3 orly chances to take the lead at The Gallowgate End az the rain p*ssed doon!

We had chances worsels but couln't make the breakthrough az chances went a'beggin with Anthony Gordon missin 2 and yoo just knew that this game wouldnt end goalless!

Isak had to be replaced after 15 mins by Wilson az he had a groin problem which iz a worry az wor injury list grows!

The one and anly breakthrough fell to wor visitors bang on 45 minutes when Nmecha fired home from the edge of the box to silence the Toon fans and send the drum beatin' 3,000 Dortmund fans wild with delight, high up in the gods of The Leazes End! HT 0-1

The Toon fans were very quiet at times in the 2nd period, not used to bein' behind and the heavy rain didnt help, az many of them were soaked to the skin, especially in The Gallowgate End az the wind drove the rain into them near the front rows!

Tonali and Murphy came on near the midpoint of the half, but Murphy didnt last lang az he had to be replaced by Willock after just 5 mins due to a bad shoulder injury!

We just couldn't make the breakthrough az we laid seige to the Gallowgate goal

We had 2 chances near the end when we hit the bar twice through a Callum Wilson heeder and a Anthony Gordon shot, which deflected of a defender!  On anothaa day those efforts would have went in off the bar, but agonisingly not this time az we lost for the forst time after 8 undefeated games previously!

Thats 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat in the group stage to send us from top to 3rd place despite havin a better goal difference that Dortmund, az the went above us to 2nd place on the 'head to head' rule!

PSG beat AC Milan 3-0 to top the group!

Attendance:52,000 (3,000 Dortmund)

Dortmund fans marchin’ to the groond (gannin past The Leazes End Companions boozer near SJP!)

News today that Tonali haz been banned for 10 months for breachin bettin rules comes az nee suprize eethaa! 

More pix and some videos to follow later!

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