Monday 9 October 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 9th Octobaa 2023

London Stadium iz indeed a happy huntin groond az far az we are concerned, with 4 wins, 2 draws and anly one defeat in the 7 times we have been to their new London Stadium abode----and the anly disappointment woz the fact that we gave a goal away in the 89th minute and had to settle for a draw!

The forst goal woz scored by West Ham when The Pope moved away from his goal line and Sousak had the simple task of slottin the baall into the net in the 8th minute!

It woz a boilin hot day in east London and aa had to carry mee coat in a carrier bag az the temperature woz in the high 20s---the hottest aa can ever 'fink' of for a game in Octobaa!

We simply wornt at the races and the home side were faster onto the loose baalls in the forst half and we went in 1-0 doon at the break!

At this point because of wor lack luster performance aa would have been happy with a draw!

The 2nd half woz much better az we attacked the goal where we were behind---row 5 at the front wasnt a good view of the action at the far end, but woz excellent az we were near to the goal!

Alexander the Great (Isak) torned oot to be wor savior with 2 goals in quick succession to waken us up in the heat! 

Wor equaliser came in the 57th minute when a Trippier free kick foond the feet of Isak after a deflection and he fired home in front of the 3,000 travellin fans to send us into 'wake up mode'!

Toon fans celebrate Isak’s 1st goal!

Isak's 2nd goal came just 3 minutes later to put us 2-1 up az the Toon fans---who were still celebratin hiz forst goal-- went into meltdoon in the heat, when a Trippier cross foond him unmarked in front of goal and he casually placed the baall into the net!

And just 3 mins later!

Isak then roonded the West Ham keeper, but hiz shot rebounded off the post to safety to deny him hiz hat-trick!

Just when it looked as though we would get the 3 points up stepped at the far end to equalise with an 89th minute shot to break wor hearts!

2-2 the final score----a game we just couldnt get ower the line, but on the bright side (in the sun!) we are unbeaten in 7 games between International breaks in aall competitions, with 5 wins and 2 draws!

We'll settle for that! 

Attendance: 62,473 (3,000 Toon fans)

*”Get the flags oot for the lads!”

Magical Mystery Away Pub Crawl Tour 2023-2024 (Just 2 boozers this time!) runnin total 37

Beer Merchants Tap. Hackney Wick. London

Betjemans Arms. St Pancras . London

Hackney Wick canal. Green river!

Hackney Wick mural 


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