Thursday 13 July 2023


 Posted 'high noon bells' Thorzday 13th July 2023

Updated 11:21bells' Saturday

Az expected its "p*ssin doon!---Glad a'm in The Heedbangers stand---with a roof!🤪👍☔

THE TOON FANS STAND WITH NEE COVER! (Picture taken from the main stand in April when Gatesheed beat Maidenheed 4-0 to stay in The National Leegue)

*In 2 days time NUFC play wor forst friendly of the season when we heed to Gatesheed at The Gatesheed International Stadium with a '12:30 bells' kick off!  Aall 7,200 tickets have been sold (reduced capacity) and Toon fans have been allocated the far stand on the above picture!

Please note that it doesn't have any cover, just the frame of the roof, az the claddin woz damaged a while back, due to high winds, so the had to take the claddin off for safety reasons! (ie: If it rains yoo will get soaken wet!)

Yours truely woz too late to get a ticket for the Toon end (they sold oot in 3 hours online!), but aa naa a Gatesheed season ticket holder and he managed to get me an 'e ticket' for the Gatesheed fans section in the Main Stand, that DOES have a roof!---and a bar! (Cheers Lez!)

We understand that we will play a 'youthful team', so divvint expect many of the big stars to play az many were away on International duty and havvint retorned to pre season trainin yet!

Aa forst saw The Toon play Gatesheed at their old Redheugh Park groond in 1970 and a Geordie Times match report on that game will appear below here fairly soon!

Az per usual "Watch this space!"

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