Saturday 15 October 2022

358 bodymoor heath (v villa u21s)

Ground number 358

Date of First Visit: 14th October 2022

Bodymoor Heath, near Tamworth

Aston Villa U21s  1

Newcastle United U21s  2 (Joe White, Josh Scott)

Premier League 2 Division 2

Attendance: (Estimated) 300 'bodies' at Bodymoor! (sic!) (3 NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers) *(Us 2 plus Niall from



*The trouble aa had to get an 'E' ticket for this game woz unbelievable!

It woz an aall ticket game and the anly way to get any woz to phone up or gan on line!  On-line woz a nightmare and aa tried unsuccessfully for half an hour to purchase one! (I won't gan into details az yoo might faall asleep---"ZZZZzzzz!!!!")

SO!--a phone caall to the Aston Villa ticket office woz the anly othaa way!  Aa phoned up and a voice message told me the ticket office woz closed and to phone back between '10am bells' and '1:30pm bells'

Aa'd made the phone caall at '11:15am bells'!  Az far az I'm aware 11:15am iz between 10am and 1:30pm?   After several more attempts with the same outcome aa phoned 'Glennn from Ashington' up and he told me to phone the main switch board, which aa did!

After a 5 minute wait a lassie finally answered and aa told hor mee problems tryin' to get through to the ticket office. She put me through and guess wot???-----A voice message told me to phone between 10am and 1:30pm!   "AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!" 

Anothaa 'desperate' phone caall to Glennn then followed and he tried for ages to get me a ticket on line---and BINGO!----after half an hour he eventually succeeded and got me one! "HHORRRAYYY!" (Hope yoo havvint faallen asleep yet?)

Honestly yoo wud have thought aa woz tryin to buy an FA Cup final ticket and not a ticket for a daft resorve game! 

ANYWAY!---- It woz match day and off we set from Tyneside in mee 'Canny Tranny' and arrived at Bodymoor Heath trainin' groond some 3 and a half hours later! (That's me and Glennn)

We parked up and went into the groond which had a smaall main stand and a snack bar beside it!  

*A cup of tea at £2.80, hot dogs at £6.50 and pie and chips at £8.30 made this extortionately priced snack bar 'a no go area' for 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers'! (Aall 2 of us!)

The game kicked off in torrential rain and Villa went on the attack straight away!----However we eventually got into wor stride and Jay Turner Cooke rattled the Villa bar to send the home side a warnin sign in the 18th minute! 

 And so it 'came to pass' when NUFC who took the lead 5 minutes later, when a pinpoint cross from Matty Bondswell foond Joe White and he fired the baall into the net from 20 yards oot for a glorious effort, to muted applause from us! (We couldnt see any othaa Toon fans, which iz hardly suprizin' considerin the hassle it woz to get tickets--but we knew that Naill from woz there az well, even though we couldnt see him anywhere?) 

Villa equalised deep into forst half stoppage time through Shakpoke with a scrambled effort---and so it woz aall square at the break!

We retook the lead on the hour mark through Josh Scott who hit a shot from close in----Despite massive Villa pressure and time wastin from us (2 Toon players booked for this) we held on for the 3 points and a 2-1 victory!   

After a fower hour drive back, via the M42, M1, A1 and the Tyne Tunnel, aa dropped Glennn from Ashington off in Ashington (where else?) before heedin back to mee Tyneside abode at 1:00am bells' and 410 miles on the trip meter!

The diesel 'used' came to an eye waaterin £100, which meant that it cost us fifty quid each to gan to this game! (Plus the £5 E tickets!)

Woz it worth it?   AYE!--an away win and anothaa new groond to add to the list!

"WE WOZ THERE!" (The proof!)




*FINK (The mad-sad groundhopper!--358 and coontin'!)

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