Thursday 13 June 2019


Posted '1:30pm bells' Thorsday 13th Joon 2019 (anly 4 and a half hours late!)


The 'leaked' fixture list yesterday for the new season woz 'fake news' and we will host 'The Arse' at home on a Sunday for live telly and NOT 'The Toffee Noses of Evaatin', away, as woz wrangly leaked!

NUFC Games 'cast in stone' that CANNIT be moved!
Just 2 so far!--The forst and last games of the season!
Sun 11th August: 'The Arse' at home '2:00 bells' live on SKY
Sun  17th May: 'The Liverbirds' at home '3:00 bells'
Telly dates for the rest of August and September are due to be released on 5th July---but divvint haad yer breath!

*36 games oot of the 38 are subject to change

*After wor game v 'The Arse' we then travel to the newly promoted 'Canary Custard Creams of Norwich' the following Saturday?(hopefully) and then anothaa away game the week after that, which will delight 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers', when we travel to Sporz new abode in "Norf Landan!" for the very forst time!

We finish off August when we host Wotfaad who were slaughtered 6-0 in the FA Cup final against 'The Blue Moonies of Manchester'!

We then must travel to Anfield where we face Champions Leegue winners Liverpoool, who we host on the very last day of the season in May (hope they don't need to beat us to win the Leegue!?)

Ower the festive period we must travel to 'The Theatre of Muppets' on Boxin Day? to face Moan United and on New Years Day? we are at home to 'The Basil Brush Brigade of Lestaa'!

Of course---aall games are subject to change for live telly and opponents who are in European action!

We fully expect that 30 of wor games will be moved for live telly! (One aalready v 'The Arse' in wor forst game of the season!)

Aaall this in the wake of the total chaos and confusion which haz engulfed NUFC once again, az we still divvint naa who wor manager will be or who will own us, when the new season kicks off in 2 months time!? (Nee new players signed so far, eethaa!)

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