Friday 3 May 2019


Updated'2:43pm bells' Friday 3rd May 2019


The Liverbirds 3-0 hammerin' in The Champions Leegue at the hand of Barcelona on Wedinzday neet---and Lionel MESSI in particular (who scored hiz 599th and 600th goals for Barca!), must have put a massive dent in their confidence and belief that they are virtually invincible!

This iz good news for NUFC in wor bid to beat them for the 2nd time in 3 days!
The crowd will be 'up for it' az the late Saturday kick off time will meen that fans will have been drinkin' aall day, which aalways makes for a better atmosphere than say a '12:30 bells' kick off, with little chance of a pint (or 10!) before the match! 

Klopp wanted the late kick off time to aid hiz teams recovery time, and this could well backfire on the Jawman manager!
Liverpoool haven't won on Tyneside in their last 4 visits---and just once in their last 7 visits to SJP: (a 0-6 win! 7 years ago! "Ouch!") (In the last 7 visits NUFC have won 4, drawn 2, lost 1)

Aalso, Liverpoool CANNIT win the leegue at 'wor place' and so the demand for tickets from their fans will be nee way az high az woz envisaged!
Ayoze Perez iz expected to retorn after gannin off injured at Brightin, az iz Lascelles who woz unwell for that game.
A draw or a defeat for them, will aalmost certainly hand the Premyaa Leegue title to Man City once more---who divvint play till Munday!

ie: The pressure iz definatly on them and not us, az we have nothin' to play for, apart from leegue position and we will finish the season between 11th and 16th---dependant on othaa results!

Fans have aalso been urged by Alan Shearer to sign a petition in 'The Ronny-Gill' newspaper to keep Rafa at the club!---We can anly hope that this will be successful OR a downward spiral will surely follow if yet anothaa 'yes man' iz appointed az manager!
To sign the petition gan to:

We at The Geordie Times just don't know wot will happen at this crazy comedy club!

A Geordie Times match report will appear here on Sunday az per usual!


News that the othaa Tyneside 'black n whites', Gatesheed FC, are to change their name to Gateshead Town, after fans voted to form a new club in protest at the runnin' doon of their club by Cala, their far east owner!
They will play at eethaa The International Stadium in Gatesheed OR Kingston Park in Newcasil! (the home of Newcasil Falcons Rugby Club)

We wish them well in their new adventure!

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