Thursday 23 May 2019


Originally Posted '1:35pm bells' Thorsday 16th May 2019
Updated on Friday and Saturday---and Munday!---and Tuesday! and ONE week later on Thorsday 23rd May

Thorsday 16th May
News that 'Rafa the Gaffa' iz meeting with wor beloved owner? 'The Fat Controller' to discuss hiz future, haz reached 'The Geordie Times'!

We understand that the meeting iz takin' place somewhere in London 'az we speak' and we can anly hope that Rafa 'cracks the whip' and beats some sense into hiz fat heed!

Aalso at the meeting iz wor 'puppet on a string' MD, known az 'Penfold' to the Toon faithful, az he iz the spittin image of the cartoon character in 'Danger Mouse'!

We will bring any news of the meeting az soon az we find oot.
Hopefully this will end with Rafa stayin--- anything else will be 'calamitous' and 'whip' the fans up into a frenzy!

Updated Friday '4:13pm bells':
Still nee news I am afraid--will keep yiz posted on any developments

Updated Saturday '2:30pm bells'
Reports reach us that Rafa haz returned to hiz Morseyside home after meetings with 'The Fat Controller' and 'Penfold' on Thorsday and Friday in a secret London venue!
We are still non the wiser az to wot woz discussed, but the langer it drags on the 'worse case scenario' beckons!

Updated Munday '2:20pm bells'
They are still talkin'( by phone!)----the saga just gans on and on!---just like Brexit!

Updated Tuesday '1:30pm bells'
News from Italy claims that Rafa haz agreed to stay and WILL sign a new contract and that a resolution iz 'imminent'!
We will beleeeve it when we see it!---Az per usual "Watch this space!" for forthaa developments!

And one week later!
Updated '3:45pm bells' Thorsday 23rd May 2019

The saga just gans on!--and on!-- and on!---still nee new news to tell yiz----except that Rafa haz been approached by Marseille and AC Milan to be their manager!


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