Friday 10 May 2019


Posted '4:39pm bells' Friday 10th May 2019

(The last chance to win a game against a London side!)

We heed for 'the smoke' (London) yet again on Sunday for wor last game of the season, where we take on relegated Fulim at Craven Cottage.

It's been a lang expensive season again with trips to Barrow, Ireland, Cornwall (U18s tournament), Portugal and aall the leegue and cup away games, plus a smatterin' of resorve games!

Wor trip to King's Cross (London) will be wor 13th visit to the capital this season, includin' games at Wotfaad, Sooothampton, Bournemoooth, Brightin, Woking (U23s) where we changed trains, plus we travelled to and back from Portugal through London az well!  (6 games in London---West Ham, Chelski, Arsenal, Sporz, Palace and Fulim!)

In othaa words WE NEED A REST!😴

Many Toon fans were rejected tickets in the Fulim neutral end by their north east poscodes, but we naa that there are quite a few who DID manage to get tickets for that section, who live 'doon the south'!.
We sold aall wor 2,700 tickets for the away end within a day and will have at least a thoosand in othaa parts of the groond on Sunday!

Wor record against London teams this season iz trueleee shockin'!
11 games played home and away and not a single victory!
Wor record iz: played 11, won 0, drawn 2, lost 9, points 2!😨
Fulim will be wor last chance to record a victory ower a London club! (PS: We have beaten Wotfaad, but Wotfaad iz a town in itself and iz NOT in London!)

The trains back are aall 'dry' (ne alcohol) az LNER (London & North Eastern Railways) haz said there woz trouble after the game in February v Sporz at Wembley and have inforced the ban because of this!
But hang on a minute!---since then, we have travelled to London via King's Cross FOWER (4) times since, to West Ham, Bournemoooth, Arsenal and Brightin and alcohol woz freely available! (ie: WHY were these trains not 'dry' az well???) 

I will attempt to de a brief match report on the '8 bells' train back on Sunday neet---A full Geordie Times match report will appear here sometime on Munday!

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