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Sheff Wed


On Friday 1st August 2003 NUFC left the 'mad-sad groundhoppers' with an impossible task--- for the 1st team squad were playin TWO teams at different venues!
One team was sent to Hartlepool where we won 6-0 with Shearer gettin a hat-trick---while the other team went to Hillsborough where Sheff Wed won 4-3 at the SAME TIME!

CONFUSED?  Well these were the two team line ups-- no subs used in eethaa game!
At Hartlepool John Carver woz in charge of the followin 11:
Given, Griffin, Bernard, Woodgate, S Caldwell, Solano, Jenas, Speed, Shearer, Bellamy, Robert!

At Sheff Wed Bobby Robson woz in charge of the followin 11:
Harper, Hughes, A O'Brien, Bramble, Elliott, Lua Lua, Viana, Dyer, Bowyer, Cort, S Ameobi

Az yoo can see both teams were full of quality players! (Compare that to the players we have now just 15 years later!)

John 'The Undertaker' who woz tragically killed on hiz way to New Zealand in 2014 took me in hiz car---to!----The Sheff Wed game!
"Why are we comin here and not Hartlepool?" I asked him curiously?
"Because Bobby Robson iz wor manager!"
he replied!

The Undertaker hadnt missed a 1st team competitive or friendly game in Britian since 1973!--- so Hartlepool woz the forst he'd missed since then!

Aalso on Saturday 28th November 2015 wor U21s lost 3-0 v Stoke at MACCLESFIELD, while the 1st team were gettin hammered 5-1 at Cristil Paliss!

Its the ANLY current leegue groond where a Newcasil team have played that aa havvint been te!

ie: Again, yi cannit be in 2 places at the same time and 1st team competitive games get priority!

This Saturday we play Porto in Portugal and are flyin there on Friday.
We booked the flight back on Munday---and then NUFC arranged anothaa game there v Braga at the last minute, for next WEDNESDAY!
So that will be anothaa new groond 'doon the swanny' for me! (There iz 'ne way' aa can de it!)
We play Rangers U23s at their trainin groond next Munday--BUT! Its behind closed doors!

Those who are stayin in Portugal for the 2 games couldnt get to the Rangers game anyway, even if woz open to the public!

Like aa say   yi cannit possibly 'de them aall'!ðŸ˜Ļ

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