Friday 13 April 2018


Posted '2:47pm bells' Friday 13th April 2018

Followin' on from last weeks 2 games in 2 days at Stocksbridge last Friday for a U23s game (v Sheff U) and last Saturday at Lestaa for a Premyaa Leegue game, this weekend see's 2 more games for wor teams in 2 days!

On Sunday at '1:30 bells' wor forst team take on 'The Arse' @ SJP in a Premyaa Leegue encoontaa, while on Munday evenin' @ '7 bells' wor U23s travel to Adams Park the home of Wycombe Wanderers, where bizzarly we take on 'The Biscuitmen of Reading' in a U23s Leegue game!

Az 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' have nevaa been to Wycombe, we will be settin' off at 'high noon bells' on Munday dinnaatime for the 600 mile roond trip!

Hopefully wor forst team will be virtually safe from relegation by kick off time, followin' the results on Saturday (fingers and toes crossed!)

We have ne idea if Islam Salami will play hiz 2nd game for us, but the way we have been playin' lately, we could beat them withoot him, for the forst time in the last 13 meetings!
(We havent beaten 'The Arse' since 2010 (away) and since 2005 at home!
In total they have won 10 in a row against us and are unbeaten in the last 8 years!

So we are definateleeee! due a win against them and hopefully their trip to Rushaa on Thorsday for their Europa Cup tie, haz taken its toll!

On the plus side for us, we have won the last 3 home games in a row withoot concedin' a goal!

A full Geordie Times match report will appear here on Munday, before we heed to Wycombe!

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