Wednesday 12 August 2015


Posted '2:22pm bells' Wednesday 12th August 2015

"Rochdale!--Rochdale!--here we come!?" <(or not az the case may be!) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The draw for the Leegue Cup 2nd roond takes place tomorrow neet which involves NUFC.
There are SEVEN possibilities of gannin' to a new groond for 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' and quite a few we have been te az well! (26!)
The 7 we have never been te---are: Shrewsbury's new groond (been to the old one), Oxford's new groond (been to the old one), Rotherham's new groond (been to the old one's! (2) and Barnet's new groond (again!---been to the old one!)
The places NEVER visited by 'us' are MK Dons, Northampton (The Toon did play at their old groond in the 1964-65 season but this before we started 'groundhoppin'!) and finally---Rochdale!

Wor preferred option iz a home draw against a team we have never played in wor history, but for me if it iz away, then Rochdale's Spotland groond iz the one aa want to gan te most! 

In my lifetime aa must have passed the place 2,000 times at least on the M62 followin' 'The Toon' in that area (Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, Oldham etc) and of course for mee work az a truck driver!---But I have never actually been to ROCHDALE!--- even for work!

"But pleeeze! pleeeze!---NOT Exeter or Gillingham away!---PLEEEEZE!"

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