Saturday 6 June 2015


Posted '11:11am bells' Saturday 6th Joon 2015

It iz now aalmost certain that 'The Wally with the Brolly' will be wor next manager/heed coach and we expect him to be appointed in the next few days!
It's interestin' to note that NUFC contacted Patrick Viera aboot the vacant managers job last week and he told them that HE wanted to pick any new players and receive a large transfer fund do do so!

He NEVAA received a retorn call!

(92% of Toon fans in a poll wanted HIM az wor new manager---'The Geordie Times' included!)

McClaren's record iz 'HIT' and 'MISS'--

'HIT'---He won the Dutch leegue with FC Twente in 2010 and of course (az 'the Smoggies' keep remindin' us!) the Leegue Cup with Boro in 2005

'MISS'---he waz sacked by Derby (2015), Forest (2011) ,Wolfsburg (2011), Boro (2006) and of course Ing-er-land! (2008)
He went back to Twente but couldn't repeat hiz title win again and waz subsequently sacked by them az well! (2013)

Hiz highest ever leegue position iz 7th for 'The Smoogies in 2005--hiz ANLY ever top ten finish in Ing-er-land!

In othaa news, we are playin York in a friendly on Wed 29th July---the same neet az the SMBs travel to 'Donny'!---Bet 'the Dibble' insist that one of the games iz moved to avoid clashes on the trains!

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