Friday 5 June 2015


Updated 'high noon bells' Friday 5th Joon 2015

The latest list of forst team games (in gold text),  resorve U21 team games (in pink text) and junior U18 team games (in green text) <(green for 'green-horns'!) are listed below:

There iz some brilliant news for wor 'cousins' on the othaa side of 'the pond', for 'The Toon' are retornin' to the States once again to play 3 pre season games in mid July!

The games and venues are az follows:

Tuesday 14th July: v Club Atlas of Mexico @ Miller Park, Milwaukee @ '8 bells' local time (Atlas finished 3rd in the Mexican top flight and play in Guadalajara)

Saturday 18th July: v Sacramento Republic @ Bonney Field Stadium, Sacramento @ '8 bells' local time (Sacramento play in the 3rd tier of American futbaall)

Tuesday 21st July: v Portland Timbers 2 @ Providence Park, Portland @ '7:30 bells' local time (Portland aalso play in the 3rd tier)

It shud be noted that the '2' on the end of Portland Timbers indicates that we are facin' their RESORVE team and NOT their forst team! <(such iz the stature of NUFC in the USA!)

The last time we played in the States in 2011 we travelled 9,750 miles in total and the club said at the time: (Quote!)
"We have learned lessons from this tour and the distances involved and the next time we go to the USA we will probably play in just ONE part of the country!"

And the total distance to travel this time iz: 1,000 MILES MORE! @ 10,750! <(yi couldn't make it up!---could yi???)

Othaa fixtures so far conformed are:

Tue 7th July: U21s v Corby Toon @ Little Benton (6:30 bells)

Fri 10th July: v The Heedbangers @ Gatesheed Stadium (8:00 bells)

Sat 18th July: U21s v The Whitley Baywatchers @ Darsley Park (Ne kick off time yet or if it's BHD (Behind Closed Doors!?)

Sun 26th July: v Sheff U @ Bramall Lane (1:00 bells)

Wed 29th July: v York @ Bootham Crescent <(or whatevaa its caalled now?) (7:45 bells)

Sat 1st Aug: v The Borussia Munchin'-gladbachs of Jawmany @ St James' Park (3:00 bells)

Wor junior side are aalso in action between Sun 26th July and Fri 31st July in 'The Northern Ireland Milk Cup' which (beleeeve it or not!) iz bein' staged in---Northern Ireland!
(Fixures and venues to be conformed)

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