Sunday 21 June 2015


Posted '9:23am bells' Sunday 21st Joon 2015
(The langest day of the year!)

(Somewhere near St James' Park)

There are just 10 days to gan before the NUFC squad retorn for pre-season trainin' and not one new forst team player haz been rumoured to sign-- or iz due to sign when the 'window' opens on the same day! (we understand that a total of 73 (plus!) possible 'nonsense' signings have been mentioned in the press, includin' Shola Ameobi !---so take NE notice of that!) <(for example, former Toon keeper and Sundih Sun columnist Pavel Srnicek, who haz absolutleee ne conection with NUFC now, claims that Sparta Prague winger Ladislav Krejci HAZ had talks with NUFC!---how the hell does he naa that--like!???) <(he then gans on to say:
"I don't know whether anything has happened this summer but of course I would recommend it if anything happens!") <(ie: he hazzent got a clue wethaa he haz actually had talks with NUFC!!!)
Total nonsense!

'This so caalled 'WAR CHEST' spendin' money that Bob Monc(s)cur haz been tellin' us aboot in 'The Ronny-Gill' ower the last couple of weeks iz still jammed shut and the nearer it gets to the start of the new season the more nervous the Toon faithful will get if the promise? of at least SIX new players doesn't come to fruition!

Wor forst, forst team pre-season game at Gatesheed in just 19 days time could well start with ne new players in wor line up, which would be a massive let doon after aall the 'War Chest hype'

Indeed! wor forst Premyaa Leegue game on the 8th of the 8th iz now fast approachin' and with a season ticket rebellion from many p*ssed off fans (the deadline for renewals haz been put back THREE times to date!) a less than full SJP iz likely against Sooothampton!

We can anly hope (and pray!) that they manage to 'jemmy' the 'War Chest' open and spend some of the 'bit'--or else it will be anothaa season of despair for the lang sufferin' faithful!

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