Wednesday 10 June 2015


Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 10th Joon 2015

News that both John 'the pie' Carver and Steve Stone have faallin' on their sword comes az a relief rathaa than a suprize to us here at 'The Geordie Times'

'The Disastrous Duo' couldn't possibly continue could they?--Aa meen they took us from the safety of 'mid table mediocrity' to 'the relegation abyss' within the matter of 4 months--and 9 defeats in 10 games tells it's own sorry story!

Carver loves The Toon of course and bleeds 'black and white'--he must be devastated, but not suprized at the outcome of hiz disastrous tenure in charge and we 'wish him well' for the future! <(his CV certainly won't help him!)

'Brollyman McClaren' <(definatly NOT 'WOR' forst choice!) iz expected to be annoonced az wor next manager/heed coach sometime this afternoon and we will inform yoo, wor loyal reeders, of any developments az soon az we find oot! <("er!"-- it shud be noted that av got to gan to 'graft' at '3 bells' this afternoon, so any announcement after this will not be updated til tomorrow dinnatime!) <(remember wor motto?--"we bring aall the latest news forst hand, second!" (or iz it 'second hand, forst???) 

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