Thursday 19 February 2015


Posted '12:39 pm bells' Thorsday 19th February 2015

The vast collection of programmes, books and othaa memorabilia of The Toon's number one fan and great friend of ours, John 'The Undertaker', gans on sale in an auction @ St James' Park this Sunday with aall procceds gannin to The Bobby Robson Foundation

John, tragically lost hiz life alang with fellow Toon fan and friend 'Liam from the Lamp' in the MH17 horror. (when their plane waz shot doon ower the Ukraine az they travelled to New Zealand to watch The Toon)
John waz an unbelievable supporter who had anly missed one game in ower 40 years (due to a family bereavement) and had visited a grand total of ethaa 332 or 333 grounds (we're not sure exactly) to watch NUFC's 1st team, the resorve and junior teams in action!
(We believe that this iz the most by ANY fan from ANY club!) 

He had aalso been to 116 consecutive European competition games home and away az well!---from 1977 onwards!
(Again---a record that will be hard to beat!)

Viewin' starts on Saturday from '10:00 bells' to '4:00 bells' and again on Sunday from '10:00 bells' til noon when the auction starts!
There are 224 lots aaltogether in hiz huge collection and lot prices range from £20 to £2,000

One programme in hiz collection which iz very (very!) rare iz the Pecsi Doza away programme from The Inter Cities Fairs Cup campaign in 1970 and we believe that John had paid quite a considerable sum for it! (see top of page)

Hiz last ever game waz against Oldham in wor forst pre season game of this season before the tragedy unfolded two days later and that programme iz up for auction az well!

We can't be there on Saturday, az of course we have a game away to Man City, but we will be there on Sunday to witness the auction and will let yoo know just how much waz raised.


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