Monday 2 February 2015


Posted '10:10am bells' Munday 2nd February 2015

Today iz the final day of the transfor window and we await with baited breath to see if any of wor best players will be sold at the last minute to forthaa line 'The Fat Controller's' very fat wallet!

Davide Santon iz reported to be gannin to Inter Milan on loan for the rest of the season<(to lighten wor wage bill!) but nowt else at 'the mo'!

Az for incomin' transfors for large sums of money!---FORGET IT!---COMPLETLY!!!

In othaa news, wor resorve U21 game against WBA this afternoon haz now been switched from 'Blue Flames' to Darsley Park and iz now behind closed doors!
But fear not!---'The Geordie Times' iz sendin' 'Secret Pigeon' to fly ower the pitch and bring coo excluuusive news of the game, which will be online sometime tomorrow!----az per usual---watch this space!
Update Munday afternoon!: The Resorves drew 1-1 with their west midland coonterparts with Tom Heardman gettin' wor goal orly on before Albion equalised not lang after "Cooo Cooooo!"

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