Wednesday 18 February 2015


Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 18th February 2015

Match comments from wor new futbaall correspondent
'Curious George'!

The Toon went oot of their last two cup competitions in two days when the U18s lost 3-0 to Chelski in The FA Youth Cup qwaataa final on Munday neet and last neet the U21 resorve side lost 3-1 to Morpeth Toon in The Northumberland Senior Cup semi final!

On Munday a MAGnificent crowd of 11,664 torned oot @ St James' Park to cheers the youngins on and they nearly did it! by takin' the holders Chelski to extra time---But 3 goals in that period from the visitors finished us off !

And then last neet @ 'Blue Flames' in Benton a MUGnificent crowd of 405 watched on az Morpeth Toon from The Northern Leegue, knocked us oot at the semi final stage of The Northumberland Senior Cup---Tom Heardman gettin' wor anly goal of the two games!

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