Friday 21 November 2014

233 moss lane altrincham


Date of First Visit: 21st APRIL 2004









Ah had nee choice if ah wanted tih gan tih this one but tih tek a day off graft az ah waz offered some work deliverin’ goods tih Cheshire and Manchester (of aall places!) forCarters Express’.

Az we were actually playin’ in the Manchester area it waz temptin’ tih tek thework and ‘park up’ for the neet in Altrincham.


However!---because they needed the truck back for orly the next day, it waz ‘oot of the question’ and it would’iv meant missin’ the match az there would’nt be enough time tih drive back doon.

(Plus it would’iv meant iz drivin’ ower six hundred miles and passin’ ‘The ‘M62’ Farmhoose’, fower times in one day!----(It waz just TOO! much tih contemplate!)

And so (‘it came to pass’!) ah blew yet another days graft tih watch the resorves play on a new groond.


A’d picked ‘Biffa’ up on the way at Garforth station (he’d been workin’ in York) and just the two of us heeded for Moss Lane, the home of Altrincham and Man Utd resorves.

The King George booza just doon the road from the groond waz wor forst ‘port ‘o’ caall’ when we arrived there.

Amazingly, ‘The Undertaker’ had decided tih give this one ‘a miss’ az he waz runnin’ out of lou days from graft and said that he’d ‘catch up’ when we played there the followin’ season.


Afta a couple of gargels wih heeded for the groond and surprizingly, (considerin’ it was’nt too far from Manchester) there were very few fans inside the groond when we got there?


Az the match kicked off the were bearly 300 spectators present and this total (az usual) included quite a few Toon fans, most of them of course livin’ in the area!

‘Glen from Ashington’ then made an appearance and  he waz the anly ‘saddo’ apart from me and ‘Biffa’ who had travelled doon from the north east.

(This waz aalso ‘Biffas’ 100th Toon game of the season!)


We were waalkin’ aroond the groond tih get a good vantage point when Man U struck the forst blow.

With bearly thorty secs on the clock, ‘one’ Chris Eagles had a shot which ‘flew’ (sic!) intih the Toon net!----NOT! a good start!


That torned out tih be the anly score in the forst period, which tih be porfectly ‘blunt’ (and mee surname is ‘Sharp’)  waz total CR**!


At half time, Altrincham did a presentation to some Man U directors az this (the loudspeaker announcer announced) waz the last time that the Old Trafford second string would be playin’ there!

(Or waz it ManU deein a presentation tih Altrincham???)

Wait til ‘The Undertaker’ finds THIS! oot ah thought!---remember!--- he’d said that he’d dee this groond the next season! (OH! NO HE WON’T!)


ANYWAY!---the second half waz just az cr** az the forst and The Toon went fortha behind with twenty mins tih gan when Ramage in the Newcastle defence gave away a penalty.

Eagles took the pen and it ‘soared’ intih the top corner! (double sic!)


‘SICK’!----you’re not kiddin’, and it made us wonder just why we bother with theeze games (once again!)


Just before full time Andy Ferrell gave us sommik tih cheer when he scored with a fine solo effort!, but it waz aall much too late and aboot a minute later the ref blew for full time.


Aa  gave Glen a lift back in mee ‘limo’ and az wih past the ‘M62’ farmhoose the farmers wife waz busy
draa-in  hor bedroom curtains, ready for a bit ‘shut-eye’! (or sh**???)




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