Saturday 15 November 2014


Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 15th November 2014

For the fourth time this season so far, we find worsels withoot an NUFC game ower the weekend due to the International breaks and Monday neet futbaall! (3 times for Internationals and once for Mondays!)

This meeenz that we must find wor 'fix' somewhere else yet again, with 'The Bad Blue Boys of Dunston' lookin' the best bet az they are at home to Guisborough Toon in a Northern Leegue encoontaa <(providin' their pitch haz recovered from the resent doonpours!?) (kick off '3 bells')

Next up for any of the Toon's teams iz a Resorve U21s home game in the Northumberland Senior Cup, against Team Northumbria on Tuesday neet.
And the best result will be a draw for 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers', az the replay will be played @ Northumbria's Coach Lane groond next door to The NUFC trainin' groond---a groond we have nevaa seen the Toon play at! <(Hence--why we are prayin' for a draw!)

The forst team aren't in action again til next Saturday when we take on 'appy 'arry's Rag and Bone Men' from Shepherd's Bush (QPR!) @ St James' Park!

Shud the 'Bad Blue Boys' game be played, then we will bring yoo a report from there sometime tomorrow!--- but "beware!"---'The Geordie Times' normally misses the start of the 2nd half az we will still be drinkin' wor half time tipples az the game restarts and there iz the distinct possibility that we might miss a goal (or two!) when we stagger from the clubhoose back to wor standin' places nearest to the 18 yard box!

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