Monday 13 October 2014


Posted '9:28am bells' Monday 13th October 2014

The reason we de theeze daft groonds watchin' the resorves and academy sides iz because we enjoy it!
To watch a match with just 100 hardys souls in attendance meenz that the local boozers (if yi can find one?) arnt full of inebriated idiots chantin' daft songs aboot cr*p ex players and yoo can get sorved quickly!
Aalso it gets us 'oot of the hoose' to meet new faces for a bit crack.

Warwick Rimmer iz one such person who we met at wor U18s game against Man City on Saturday, who waz a scout for Tranmere Rovers. We'd never hord of him, but he telt us that he had been the manager of Sierra Leone in the 1980s and had played ower 500 games for Bolton Wanderers in the 1960s. (more than the legendry Nat Lofthouse!)

I 'googled it' yesterday to find oot that he waz a legend at both Bolton and Tranmere and had made the Birkenhead club ower £14,000,000, findin' new talent to sell on!

He aalso played alang side Toon hero Wyn Davies for Bolton az well and even had a testimonial in hiz honour a canny few years ago (Bolton v Burnley)
He described Sean Longstaff's free kick goal az a one that Ryan Taylor would have been proud of! (a Toon player who who he knew from the past!)

Yes!--yoo certainly meet some great characters at theeze games and we reeely enjoy it!---roll on the next blank weekend when we can visit a new academy/trainin' groond! 

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