Sunday 12 October 2014

312 (a&b) platt lane academy manchester city *** BLUE MOONIES U18s 2 THE TOON U18s 2

(Ground number 312 a&b)

Date of First Visit: 11th October 2014
Platt Lane Academy, Manchester

Pitch 'A'
Manchester City U18s 2
Newcastle United U18s 2 (og?, Sean Longstaff)

Pitch 'B'
Manchester City U16s 3 ?
Newcastle United U16s 0 ?
(divvint naa the final score!)

Attendances: approx. 100 on each pitch (just 4 NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers, namely, 'Fink the mad-sad groundhopper' (yours truly!), 'Michael the Mag', 'Adam Mac' and wor driver 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer'!)


SEAN LONGSTAFF'S  FREE KICK GOAL (2nd Toon player from left)
(ball goes in just under bar)

With ne Premyaa Leegue games ower this weekend due to a International break we decided to heed for Mancland where wor acadamy sides were playin' 'The Blue Moonies' academy sides at their Platt Lane Academy complex/trainin' groond, which iz just alang from their old Maine Road groond which they vacated in 2002.

On arrival we made a 'fruitless' trog to try and find a boozer az we still had an hour to spare before the '1 bells' kick off! 
The  Moss-side area of Manchester iz still a place yi would gladly send your muthaa in law tee for a fortneets holiday and even the metal rubbish bins in the back lanes had padlocks on them to stop them bein' nicked!


We passed City's old groond which iz now derelict with weeds and trees growin', where the stands once stood and we could see that on the far side that some new hooses were bein' built where the main stand used to be!

After askin' a bedraggled 'local' where the nearest boozer waz located, he telt us that the nearest one (that wasn't boarded up!) waz half a mile away, az he pointed us in the direction of a main road.

Az we had anly 40 minutes to spare now, we reluctantly decided to torn back to the Academy!


A boilin' hot cup of coffee in a smaall cardboard cup waz to be wor 'liquid lubrication' instead of the usual 'alcoholic variety' in the Academy canteen, but at £1 a cup it wasn't good value! <(Man Us Academy in complete comparison, provide yoo with FREE coffee!)

Anyway!--it waz soon time to take up wor standin' positions near the halfway line when 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer' realised that we were at the WRANG GAME az it waz the U16s who were warmin' up and NOT the U18s---the game we'd come to watch!

We were directed to anothaa pitch on the othaa side of the complex where we ended up standin' next to an old gadgie in hiz 70s who telt us that he used to play with Wyn Davies at Bolton Wanderers in the 1960's
"Wots your name?" aa asked him curiously. "Warwick Rimmer!" came the reply and he telt us he waz scoutin' for Tranmere Rovers and had hiz notebook and pen at the ready!

The Toon U18s took the lead in the 22nd minute when a mix up in the City defence ended up with a heeded own goal by one of their defenders!---that's the way it stayed til the break and then me and 'Adam Mac' decided to take in a few minutes of the U16s game on pitch 'B', az their game had kicked off orlier and the 2nd half had just started!

A stewardess telt us that, "City where winnin' 3-0 and were well on top!"    I went to take a photo of the action but she telt me I couldn't and shud put my camera phone away!
We moved away az she constantly looked in my direction to see that I had carried oot her orders!---and when she wasn't lookin' I slyly took a couple of pix before we retreated and heeded back to the U18s game after takin' 15 minutes of this game! <(and--No! we won't include it az a different groond az it waz on the same complex! <(Mad-sad groundhoppers rule '27B'!)
NUFC U16s game ---- pitch 'B' ----got the foto ha! ha!

On arrival back at pitch 'A' Warwick telt us that City had just equalised!---He then went on to tell us that he waz once manager of Sierra Leone in the orly 80s! <(ie: we were standin' next to an ex international manager!) 

A brilliant free kick by wor number 7 Sean Longstaff on the edge of the box flew straight into the net ower the wall and Warwick commented that it waz just like a 'Ryan Taylor' free kick, someone he worked with in the past!
Two penalty appeals by us were torned doon (one for a foul in the box--the othaa for hand baall!) before City equalised again in the 88th minute through Charman, for an undeserved draw!

Man City pub crawl (one!)

We said wor 'goodbyes' to Warwick and heeded for the ootskirts of Manchester where some much needed 'tonsil ticklin' took place in a boozer caalled 'The Snipe' next to the entrance to the 'M60 ring road!---It waz then onward through numorous roadworks and we arrived back 'in toon' at '6:45 bells'--- 312 and coontin'! 


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