Thursday 24 July 2014

MH17 *** A WEEK ON

Posted '1:00pm bells' Thorsday 24th July 2014

It seems like anly a couple of days ago, but a week haz now passed since the terrible events in the Ukraine last Thorsday!

We wornt the anly ones to suffer of course az 298 perished in this atrocity
3 families from Holland were completely wiped oot in an instant az well az wor two loyal friends John 'The Undertaker' <(he wore a black suit to games) and Liam 'from the Lamp' <(Liam lived in a block of flats in the 'Big Lamp' area of the Toon, which iz within qwaata of a mile from St James' Park)

We are meetin' in The Strawberry pub in the shadows of St James' on Saturday between 12 and 1 bells for anybody who feels the need to taalk aboot the tragedy

We can anly apologise for not updatin' this site on a regular basis like we used to, but the events of the last 7 days have completely 'knocked the stuffin' out of me and many who knew both of them!

'The Undertaker' and Liam will never be forgotten by us! RIP    

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