Wednesday 9 July 2014


Posted 'high noon bells' Wednesday 9th July 2014

Last neet az per usual az waz on a 'trunk run' to the Bormingham area and looked forward to listenin' to the Brazil v Jawmany game on mee truck radio.
Aa missed the forst 20 minutes of the game az the fork truck driver waz loadin' me when the game kicked off!

A frantically torned the volume up to hear the commentator tell us that Jawmany had won a corner. "It's 5-0 to Germany!", he said and for some reason aa thought that he MUST have meant Jawmany had won 5 corners to Brazil's 'NIL'!
The crowd were deftly silent and the anly thing yoo cud hear were  (wot sounded like) a few Jawmans singin' in the background!

It waz anly a few minutes later that aa realised that it WAZ in fact 5 goals and not corners!
Who wud ever had believed that????

7-1, of course, the unbeleeevable final score, which completleee blew the myth that they were somehow invincible!

Mebeez it's just az well that NUFC have ditched their Brazil away kit for a grey number next season! <(not that it will make much difference anyway--- we suspect!)

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