Sunday 22 September 2013


Updated '11:20am bells' Sunday 22nd September 2013


The day started off badly, when after a few 'gargels' in 'The Monkey Bar' aa heeded for the match orly to get the lift up to level 7 of 'The Milburn Stand' az mee sprained ankle waz givin' iz 'jip' and aa didn't fancy the 200 stair climb to mee seat!
After waitin' 20 minutes in the queue aa finally got into the 'said' lift with 10 othaaz, anly for the thing to drop slightly instead of gannin' up and aall the power then failed!
We managed to prize the door open to get oot and the lift attendant telt us that he would have to send for an engineer to fix it!
"How lang will that be?" aa asked him!  "Don't know!" came the reply! and so it 'came to pass' that with just 10 minutes to kick off aa waz forced to climb the stairs and when aa (eventually!) got to the top mee ankle had swollen up like a balloon!---but aa did make the kick off! (unfortunately!) <(read on!)

The Toon started off well and Loic Remy opened the scorin' for us at The Gallowgate End with a fine heeded goal!

But then we took the foot off the gas and let Hull back in and they equalised through Brady,who put the baall straight through Tim Krul's legs!

We regained the lead just before the break when once again Remy scored, with a fine shot this time!

Then after the break it aall went 't*tts up' when it took 'Broken Nose Bruce's men' just two minutes to score when a heeder went in off the post from Elmohamdy after slack defendin' from us!
Worse waz to follow when again Aluko vollied home in the 76th minute off the same post to put the game beyond us, much to the delight of old 'Broken Nose'!

We did have a final chance to level things at 'the death', but Remy (of aall people!) missed the easiest of chances to level the match.
Inactivity in the summer transfor window, despite promises to sign at least THREE players, ultimately 'cost us' and a lang hard season iz still in the offin', despite that fine win at Villa last week---and just like the Toon lift (and mee poor ankle!)---we are up one minute and doon the next!

Toon team: Krul, Debuchy (Tiote 86), Santon, Coloccini, Yanga, Cabaye (Gouffran 62), Sissoko, Anita, Cisse (Marveaux 73), Ben Arfa. Remy

Attendance: 51,523 (2,800 Tiger Lillys!) (highest crowd in Britain on the day!)

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