Sunday 11 December 2011


Updated '11:25 pm bells' Sunday 11th December 2011


Anythin' that could have gone wrang, DID gan wrang in this trip to deepest Norfolk.
To cut a very lang story short we lost 4-2---had a nightmare THREE HOUR retorn bus jorney from Norwich to Peterborough, (where we were stuck in traffic for more than an hour in Norwich!) ---and finally to top it aall!-- some drunken idiot fell off the platform in front of the train at Durham Station at midneet, delayin' the train, (which JUST managed to stop before hittin' him!), meenin' that aa missed mee booked taxi yem at 'The Central' and aa finally got yem at 'ONE FIFTEEN bells' this mornin'!


Both 'Fab' Coloccini and Steven Taylor were injured of course, which meant that James Perch and Danny Simpson had to take ower at the centre of wor defence and Davide Santon and Ryan Taylor played at full backs and this proved to be wor undooin'!
Perch defenatllee ISNT a centre half and 'Delias Rhubarb and Custards' took advantage of this and we were on the back foot from the word 'go'!

In the 39th minute the home side took the lead in dubious circumstances when the linesman on wor side of the pitch gave a corner when Toon keeper Tim Krul had definatly kept the baall in.
From the resultin' corner they scored (of course!) to angry protest from the Toon players and fans, who had a clear view of the linesmans mistake as we were dead in line with the goal line in the visitors enclosure.
However!---Demba Ba levelled things bang on half time when he fired home from a Cabaye pass to send the 1,400 Toon fans in the 'expensive end' wild with delight!
Chants of: "FORTY FIVE QUID!---YI HAVIN' A LAFF!", then reverbirated aroond the away end, in reference to the fact that we'd been charged that ridiculous amoont to get in (It's Xmas yi naa, Delia!)

'The Custards' retook the lead in the 59th minute through Holt and just 5 mins later it was 3-1 with an effort from Morrison.
Gosling was then sent off in the 66th minute for a bad tackle and aall looked lost unil Ba pulled another one back for us just 5 mins later  when he stroked the baall home from a Ameobi pass.
Any hope of salvagin' a point were dashed  when Holt got his 2nd for 'The Custards' in the 82nd minute to send us doon to 7th in the table.

And then of course we had the dreaded retorn jorney yem to face! (see above!)

That's just ONE point oot of a possible TWELVE in the last fower games----That unbeaten run looks a distant memory aalready!

Attendance: 26,816 (an aall seater record for Carrow Road) (1,400 Toon fans)

Az so many things went 't*ts up'!, I intend to de a 'Disaster Day Special' aboot the above trip for 'The Mad-Sad Groundhoppers Archive' and hope to have it on line by the end of the week!?---watch this space!

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