Saturday 3 December 2011


Posted '9:15 am bells' Saturday 3rd December 2011

For the second Saturday home game in a row we will kick off @ 12:45 bells for the convenience of live telly against 'The Pensioners of Chelsea'.
The Tribute to Gary Speed has been postponed by the request of his wife Louise so that she can be present when the tribute takes place.

This is because she is at Elland Road today for their tribute to Gary and she is very touched and has expressed a desire to be present at ours.
The tribute will now take place in wor forthcomin' home game against Welsh side Swansea City which seems very appropriate.

A minutes applause will still take place and fans are asked to bring their black 'n' white scarves alang in support of Gary.

On the otha side of the Tyne Bridge @ '3 bells' 'The Heed Army' take on Tamworth in the 2nd roond of the FA Cup and we wish them well in their quest for a place in the 3rd roond draw, which of course will include NUFC!

It's just a pity that they couldn't have moved the kick off time or date back so that more fans could have been present. (Az wor game will finish at approx '2:40 bells', this gives anyone intendin' to de both games anly 20 minutes to get from groond to groond----a virtually impossible task, unless! yoo have a Ferrari!)

'The Geordie Times 100 pub crawl challenge' continues @ '11;00 bells @ Shearers Bar underneath The Gallowgate End and then we move on to The Black Bull on the corner of Barrack Road just ower from The Leazes End if anybody Fancy's joinin' us?

Match reports of both above games to follow much later!

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