Tuesday 13 September 2011


Posted '8:15 pm bells' Tuesday 13th September 2011

Housed in The School End Upper Tier the away fans gave the team a rousin' reception as they ran oot in their 'aall blacks' change strip

Aall eyes were of course on Joey 'Yee Naa Who' who was mekin' hiz home debut for the 'Hoops' in wot torned oot to be a reeel bore draw.
If it was truely aaful to watch on the box then it was even worse to be there, but the 1,850 Toon fans present made their voices hord in the 16,211 crowd.

Before the game we'd heeded for the ootskirts of Shepherds Bush to the Thatched House boozer where there were aboot ten locals in the bar.

Afta a few (expensive!)liquid refreshments there, it was off to 'The White Horse' nearer to the groond but the anly problem was!---we couldn't get sorved as there were just a handful of barstaff to sorve the hundred or so, of mainly QPR fans!
In the next boozer just alang the road we had more success and managed to porchase a 'prized liquid drink'! before heedin' for the tornstiles!

Like aa say!---the game wasn't ower clever and QPR were p*ss poor with us not much better!

The 'highlight'? of the game was when Steve Taylor wellied the baall ower the roof of the Ellerslie Road Stand to chants of "Steven Taylor over the roof" from the travellin' faithful!

Then, Sammy Ameobi came on with just two minutes to gan to chants of ,"If Sammy scores we're on the pitch!".
'Tongue in cheek', aa pointed oot to one young Toon fans singin' this behind me, that the wire at the front of the visitors enclosure was in fact electrified to stop any pitch invasions! (see top photo)
"Honest!---iz that reet?", he said, but aa just kept a straight face and nodded! 

Amazingly we are now fourth top (above Stoke in Alphabetical order!) and in a Champions League position! (If anly the season could end now!)

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