Tuesday 27 September 2011

281 b2 net stadium chesterfield


Date of First Visit: 20th SEPTEMBER 2011





ATTENDANCE: 220 (50 or so Toon fans) (My estimate!---some are less)

('Dave from York's iz: 197/48!)



On this day The Toon had TWO GAMES in the space of SIX HOURS!----when, forst, the resorves played Chesterfield on their new ground @ '1:00 bells' in the afternoon and then we had the League Cup tie against Forest @ '7:45 bells' @ The City Groond, Nottingham which was wor second game of the day! (been here before of course!)

The Geordie Times groundhoppers divvint normally de two groonds in a day but there ARE exceptions to the rules when a new ground iz involved! ----"YYAAAHHHOOO!"

The itinareee for the day was az follows!

Catch the 8:43 bells train to Chesterfield arriving @11:05 bells'

Have a few 'gargels'

Watch the match @ 1:00 bells, then catch the forst available train to Nottingham

Have a few 'gargels'

Watch the match @ 7:45 bells, then retorn yem by cadgin' a lift in 'The Caped Crusaders' 'Batmobile', arrivin' back on Tyneside in the orly hours

After a few hours kip---"ZZZZZzzzzz!!!!!" get up for graft and drive to West Brom @ 8:30 bells!

(Aall in a days work for 'The Geordie Times groundhoppers')


Az 'The Geordie Times' entourage left 'The Central' and crossed the sacred river, aa cracked open the forst can of 'golden liquid' az iz 'tradition' on any train jorney south to watch The Toon (The 'entourage' comprisin' of me and---er!---ME!)

By the time we'd (I'd!) reached Wakefield aa waz on mee last 'can' and opened it just az we passed the floodlights of Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Rugby League groond---and just in case you're wonderin'???---YES!---'The Geordie Times' has been here az well!---to watch wor resorves against Leeds resorves a few years back!

Anyway!---by the time we (I!) got to Sheffield aa was in desperate need of the 'tool-shed', so when the train got to within ten minutes of Chesterfield (which had been delayed coz some tossers had nicked some cable near Leeds and some sprogs had got onto the tracks!) aa heeded for the nearest 'tool-shed'. On the 'Cross Country service' they have half roond doors where yi have to press 'open' and 'close' to get in and oot.

The door was open so aa pressed the 'close' button but nowt happened!? Az aa was 'desperate' for a 'gypsies kiss' aa grabbed the door and forced it shut. When aa went to get oot aa pressed the 'open' button---but horror upon horror the door wouldn't open!

Panickin' by this time az we nearly at Chesterfield aa managed to prize it open slightly and get mee fingers in the small gap!---but it still wouldn't budge!----Aa then had 'visions' of bein' locked in the bog aall the way to Plymouth!---it's final destination!---and miss BOTH GAMES!---(god forbid!)

THEN!---aall of a sudden and by pure coincidence the ticket inspector just happened to be passin' and seein' mee fingers jammed in the door and hearin' iz bangin' mee fist frantically!, he opened it with a special key and aa was 'free again'!, just az we pulled into Chesterfield station!

"Thanx mate!", aa said sheepishleee az aa grabbed mee 'nanny goat' and dived off the train!

There's one thing for certain---aa thought---aall never (ever!) try to force a 'tool-shed' door shut on a train again! (a'v definateleee lornt mee lesson this time!)


Afta aall the 'trauma' aa needed a drink and heeded up the hill from the station where aa could see a boozer in the distance ower bridge which spanned a dual carriageway. Worryingly, there were ne lights on and when aa tried the door it was locked! (just like the bog door on the train!)

A disgraceful state of affairs!

It was 20 past 11 by this time and The Geordie Times meks ne apology for namin' and shamin' the boozer which was caalled 'BAR ENVY'!

However!—there WAS 'light at the end of the tunnel' (or in this case: 'light in the bar'!) az the next boozer at the top of the hill caalled 'Martha's Vineyard' WAS OPEN and az a 'bonus' it was happy hour az well and at £1.49 a pint aa wasn't gannin anywhere else!


'Dave from York' and 'Alex of St George' were on the next train and so a quick 'tellin' bone' caall later, they joined me in 'Marthas'before we heeded to the match.

The B2 Net Stadium iz aboot a 20 minute waalk from the train station and aa have to say that aa was very impressed with their new ground and FREE admission! (wot more cud yi want?)

On arrival we made for the main entrance to see if they had printed any team sheets for the game. A lassie telt us they hadn't, so Dave suggested 'tongue in cheek'that if WE could find the NUFC line up---would they print some off for wor collections!?

She took Dave seriously and said that she'd 'see wot she cud do' and walked off into an office. As it was nuw approachin' kick off time we couldn't wait any langer, so we left to take up wor places behind the goal (the anly stand open to the public)

Thinkin' that wor team sheet request 'had fallen on deaf ears' and az the teams ran oot, Dave took his 'Independent' newspaper from his back 'sky rocket' and procceded, with the help of 'Glennn from Ashington' and 'The Bear', (amongst others!) to compile wor aan 'independent' team sheet by scribblin' the players names doon in 'print gaps' on the front page of the paper! (see photo!)

With just fower minutes gone 'The Toon's' Sami Adjei took a tumble in the box which resulted in (wot anly can be described as!) a dubious spot kick with justifiable protests from the Chesterfield players!

Sami took the kick himself but it was a tame effort which was easily pushed away by the home keeper!

'The Crooked Spireites' (they've got a dodgy lookin' chuch spire in the toon centre!) then took the lead in the 11th minute when Sodenberg in 'The Toon' goal, cud anly help a Scott Boden heeder into the net!

Half an hour afta the match had kicked off, there was a mad scramble doon the front of the stand, where (lo and behold!) wor wish had been granted az 'freshly minted' team sheets were bein' handed oot by a gadgie!

Glennn and Dave ran to the front to claim some of the 'prized pieces' of 'A4 paper'!

10 oot of 10 for the Chesterfield officials for 'bendin' ower backwards' to help us oot! (very much appreciated lads and lasses!)

Three minutes afta this we levelled things when Yven Moyo hit a sweet shot past the home keeper and there was a 'smatterin' of claps and cheers from the fifty or so Toon fans who were 'groundhoppin' as well! (we're NOT the anly sad ones!)

Chesterfield then bombarded the Toon goal but couldn't add to their anly goal and we went in aall square at the break.

'The Crooked Spireites' bombarded wor goal in the 2nd half again but couldn't get past Sodenberg who had an excellent game and we were lucky (to say the least!) to get a draw, although Toon captain Brad Inman did come close on a couple of occasions late on, but on the whole it cud anly be described as a 'lack lustre' performance from 'the black 'n' whites'! (apart from wor goalie!)

Afta the match we heeded back to wor 'local' (Marthas agen!) before catchin' the train to 'Robin Hood country' to complete wor 'double heeder' @ The City Groond where the forst team won a dramatic game 4-3 with the winner comin' from captain 'Fab' Coloccini in the thord minute of stoppage time in extra time.

A memorable day oot we won't forget in a while!

(scroll doon for Forest match report)

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