Thursday 22 September 2011


Updated '9:45 am bells' Thorsday 22nd September 2011
On Tuesday 'The Toon' had TWO GAMES in the space of SIX HOURS when, forst, the resorves played Chesterfield in a friendly at 'their' NEW! GROOND! @ '1:00 bells in the afternoon and then of course we had the League Cup tie with Forest @ 7:45 bells' @ The City Ground, Nottingham which wass wor second game of the day!  (been here before of course!)
The Geordie Times Groundhoppers divvint normally de two groonds in one day---but!---there are exceptions to the rules when a NEW GROOND iz involved!---"YAAAHHHOOO!"

'The Geordie Times' itinareee for Tuesday was az follows.
Catch the 8:43 bells train to Chesterfield, arrivin' @ 11:05 bells.
Have a few 'gargels'!
Watch the match @ 1:00 bells, then catch the forst available train to Nottingham.
Have a few 'gargels'!
Watch the match @ 7:45 bells, then return yem by cadgin' a lift in 'The Caped Crusaders' 'Batmobile', arrivin' back on Tyneside in the orly hours!

Afta a few hours kip "ZZZZZzzzzz!!!!" get up for graft and drive to West Brom @ 8:30 bells!

(Aall in a days work for 'The Geordie Times'!)

Forst match report:
(a more compreeehensive and detailed story of this trip will be published in 'The Geordie Times' later on this/next week---when aa get time?---like!)

Ground number 281
B2 Net Stadium, Chesterfield

Chesterfield Resorves 1
Newcastle United Resorves 1 (Yven Moyo)

Friendly fixture
Attendance: 220 (50 Toon fans) (My estimate---some are less!) (Dave from York's iz: 197/48!)


The B2 Net Stadium is aboot a 20 minute waalk from the train station and aa have to say that aa was impressed with their new groond and with FREE! admission!---(wot more cud yi want?)

With just fower minutes gone The Toon's Sami Adjei took a tumble in the box which resulted in, (wot can anly be described as) a dubious spot kick with justiable protest from the Chesterfield players.
Sami took the kick himsel but it was a tame effort which was easily pushed away by the home keeper.

The Crooked Spireites (they've got a dodgy lookin' chuch spire in the toon centre!) then took the lead in the 11th minute when Sodenburg in The Toon goal cud anly help a Scott Boden heeder into the net.

We levelled things in the 33rd minute when Yven Moyo hit a sweet shot past the home keeper and there was a smatterin' of claps and cheers from the fifty or so Toon fans who were 'groundhoppin' as well! (we're NOT the anly sad ones!)

Chesterfield then bombarded the Toon goal but couldn't add to their anly goal and we went in aall square at the break.

'The Crooked Spireites' again bombarded wor goal in the 2nd half but again couldn't get past Sodenberg who had an excellent game and we were lucky (to say the least!) to get a draw,aalthough Toon captain Brad Inman did come close on a couple of occasions late on, but on the whole it cud anly be described as a lack-lustre performance from 'the black 'n' whites'! (apart from wor goalie!)

It was then onward to Nottingham for the 2nd part of wor double heeder! (see match report below!)

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