Monday 18 November 2019


Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 18th November 2019

News that wor away games at 'The Hazbeenz and Villans' at Villa Park, against Sheff U at Bramall Lane and Bornley at Turf Moor are aall complete sellotts for the away sections!

Tickets are currently on sale to season ticket holder for wor game against Moan U at 'The Theatre of Muppets' on Boxin' Day and are sure to selloot az well, guaranteein' great away support in wor next 4 away games! 

The Villa game takes place next Munday neet for live telly of course---wor FIFTEENTH consecutive away game on a Munday neet!
In between that there iz a resorve game at Blue Flames, Benton in the northern suburbs of the Toon, where wor U23s take on the mighty Benfica(U23s) of Portugal in The Premyaa Leegue International Cup (group stage) 

Normally, 'yours truly' wouldn't be there and be at work instead, BUT! mee 5 neets trunk run to Eccles in Manchester haz been changed to Redditch in Worcestershire, (which iz a much langer trip) and because of this I will be on a 4 shift Munday to Thorsday 'run' from now on, meeenin that aa can gan to the game on Friday neet, which kicks off at '7 bells'!

A full report on that game will appear here sometime on Saturday, complete with 'pub crawl' pix from Benton!

PS: For the Villa game next Munday I have taken 2 days holiday, az this involves an owerneet stay in Bormingham 

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