Tuesday 26 November 2019


Posted '10:30am bells' Tuesday 26th November 2019 on the train back from Bormingham!
Updated '4:36pm bells' Munday
                          Jonjo Shevey takes a corner az a Toon fan in front of us strips off!


Wor 15th successive Munday away game (thats reet  FIFTEENTH!) didn't start or end well az we put in a negative performance against a Villa team who sat 4 points behind us before the game (now 1)

This dire performance? iz on par with wor games at Norwich (1-3) and Lestaa (0-5) az wor forward trio which cost £78 million in total failed miserably and hardly tested the home keeper!

2 set pieces cost us in first half as both needlessly given away free kicks from just ootside the box foond the back, of the net, one direct and the other from a cross!

Honestly, it woz pathetic display from the black n whites!
To sum up, both £40 million man Joelinton and £21 million man Almiron were substituted in the 2nd half, with Andy Carroll and Dwight Gayle comin' on in a desperate bid to score a goal!

It didn't happen and so we must dust worsels doon and try again on Saturday when we are at home to current champions Man City!

Neeboďy gives us much hope in 'that one', but this IZ NUFC and anything can happen!

Toon team: Dubravka, Yedlin, Willems, Dummett (Carroll 63), Fernandez, Hayden, Clark, Shelvey, Almiron (Atsu 79), Saint-Maximin, Joelinton (Gayle 72)

Attendance:41,879 (just under 3,000 tortured Toon fans!)

Pub crawl pix
Pink Lane in Toon
(Rafferty's before train to Bormingham)

Figure of 8

The Wellington

Inside 'The Welly'

The Soloman Cutler 

*A TalkSport commentator sums it up when taking aboot Almiron:
"He couldn't be dangerous with an open razor!"😳

Footnote: There seems to be some confusion az to just how many Munday away games NUFC have played in a row.
nufc.com says 14, while The Geordie Times says 15.
We have in fact played 14 away for live telly and 1 which wasnt televised v West Brom in 2015

The full list of Munday away games in a row iz!---
1 December 2012 Fulim away lost 1-0  on tv
2 August 2013 Man City away lost 4-0 on tv
3 September 2013 Evaatin away lost 3-2 on tv
4 April 2014 The Arse away lost 3-0 on tv
5 September 2014 Stoke away lost 1-0 on tv
6 April 2015 The Liverbirds away lost 2-0 on tv
7 September 2015 West Ham away lost 2-0 on tv
8 December 2015 West Brom away lost 1-0  NOT on tv
9 March 2016 Lestaa away lost 1-0 on tv
10 October 2017 Bornley away lost 1-0 on tv
11 April 2018 Evaatin away lost 1-0 on tv
12 November 2018 Bornley away WON 2-1 on tv
13 February 2019 Wolves away DREW 1-1 on tv
14 April 2019 The Arse away lost 2-0 on tv
15 November 2019 Villa away lost 2-0 on tv

That's 15 Munday away games in a row, where we have won ONE, drawn ONE and lost THORTEEN!---and have scored just FOUR goals and conceded TWENTY SEVEN goals!
Iz it any wonder that we divvint like Munday away days! 


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