Monday 15 May 2017


Posted '10:30am bells' Munday 15th May 2017

Swanzee's 2-0 win at The SOS on Saturday coupled with Hull's 4-0 defeat at Palace yesterday, meeenz that we will have a *700 mile (plus) 'continental' trek to Sooth Wales and back again next season!--az Hull gan doon and Swanzee stay up! (*707.2 miles to be exact!)
Cedric the Swan will no doubt greet us with open 'wings' when we arrive!

The Championship play offs both ended 'aall square' so we are ne wiser az to where we will be heedin' to come next seasons fixtures.
We would prefer 'uddersfield to come up az we foond a canny club there----and it isn't far on the train!

Sheff Wed would be next on wor 'list', az again, it isn't tooo far away!
Fulim iz wor 3rd choice az London iz anly 3 hours away by 'Inter City'
The one we divvint want iz 'The Biscuitmen of Readin' az this meenz 2 trains a tube ride and a bus ride from Readin' station to their groond which iz 4 miles away from the train station!
(Yoo CAN get a train direct to Readin' BUT it teks ages to get there via a 'Cross Country train'!)

Az the Championship play off final isn't till the end of the month, we will have 2 weeks to wait to find oot!

Not includin' the above scenario we will have at least NINE train trips to King's Cross (KX, London) next season!
(Sporz, Chelski, 'The Jellied Eels Mob' of West Ham, Wotfaad, The Arse, Fat Sam's Palace, Bournemoooth (via KX), (ne where near) Brighton (via KX) and Sooothampton (via KX)
And if eetha Fulim or Readin' join 'the elite leegue' it will be TEN!---more than half wor 19 away games!

We could in fact travel to nearly AALL wor uttha away games by train via Cross Country etc---apart from Stoke which iz a bustard of a place to get te!---even by road! (Fixture 'times' could effect aall this of course!)

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