Thursday 11 May 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Thorsday 11th May 2017

On Tuesday 'Budgie the Helicopter' (pictured above!) whisked 'Rafa the Gaffa' and  'Penfold' (wor beloved MD) away from wor trainin' groond to a meetin' with 'The Fat Controller' in deepest Derbyshire, aboot funds for next season in the Premyaa Leegue!

We honestly didn't naa just wot the outcome would be---BUT!---'good news' haz come from the meetin' and Rafa WILL STAY!

At last 'the penny haz dropped' and 'yes men' managers like 'I Beg Your Pardew' and 'The Wally With The Brolly' who 'blow hot air' and fools like Joke Kinnear are consigned to the dustbin (where are they now?) 

Wor 'beloved owner' haz said that Rafa can have every single penny orned by the club to strengthen the team for next season.

Thankfully this hasn't dragged on for month's and wor manager can now de some recruitin' (and sellin') in the transfor market

We arnt daft and know it wont be easy, but consolidation in the top flight iz aall that matters---for now!

Hopefully we can challenge for one of the 'cups' and not put weakened teams oot in theeeze competitions!

The Champions Leegue iz anothaa matter and iz 'oot of wor thinkin' ---for the time bein' at least!---who knows aboot the future though, with a gaffa of Rafa's standin'!!!

Much more (undoubtedly) to follow on aall this in the next few days and weeks!

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