Monday 22 August 2016

097 (revisited) ashton gate, bristol

Ground number 097 (revisited)
Date of this visit: 20th August 2016

Bristol City 0
Newcastle United 1 (Gayle)

Attendance 22, 512 (2,500 Toon fans)


If anything could gan wrang on a train jorney, then it certainly did on this trip.
Things were tight anyway az we had to change trains at Bormingham and anly had a few mins to spare between connections.
The forst sign of trouble waz just after Darlo station when a muffled announcement ower the train tannoy said sommik aboot changin' trains at Derby? (surely they didn't meen us!?)
Then forthaa doon the line it waz conformed that there waz a fault on the train and we would have to get on anothaa one at Derby to get to Bormingham!

Like aa say times were 'tight' and to add to wor problems we were telt that the 6 carriage train we were on---(which waz packed to the rafters!)--- would change to a 4 carriage train when we got there!

Pandemonium loomed!---We made sure that we were near the exit when the train pulled into Derby station and after a mad scramble to get off and get a seat on the next train a lad telt us that the reason we had to change trains waz because the one we were on had a HEEDLIGHT OOT! <(Wot---we had to change trains for THAT!)

Anyway!--we got a seat and az yi'd expect there were people standin' in the alleyways az there wornt enough seats (6 into 4 doesn't gan!)

WE arrived at New Street (Bormingham) on platform 11 and unbelievably we had to gan through the ticket barrier and back in again in anothaa part of the station to get to platform 1, which waz the Bristol train!---We made it---JUST!---mainly because THAT train waz runnin' late!
3 train joneys later and we arrived in Bristol at '11:15 bells' and made for a Wetherspoons boozer around the corner!---The anly problem waz that everybody else had the same idea and they were 6 deep at the bar tryin' to get sorved!!!!

However!---we knew of anothaa boozer in a little side street oot the way called 'The Barley Mow' and thankfully it waz virtually empty and easy to get sorved!---and DID we need a caad pint to quench wor thorsts!!!

We stopped there til it waz time to gan to the match and az the ground waz ower 3 miles away, 2 taxis were ordered to get us there!

Aa forst went to Ashton Gate in 26 years ago and the groond haz changed a bit since then ---A brand new main stand and a refurbished stand opposite and the end we were in waz now covered (which wasn't in 1990 az it waz an open standin' terrace back then)

The game I'm afraid wasn't much better than wor train jorney doon but we did have ONE moment of brilliance when Dwight Gayle latched onto a superb through baall from Diame and lashed it into the net at the end where we were housed and the roof nearly lifted off az we celebrated the goal!
To be honest I'm a bit worried aboot Sels in goal az he cant seem to deal with crosses and better teams than 'The Big Bristols' <(They are bigger than Bristol Rovers---arnt they!) will surely take advantage!
That waz it I'm afraid az the rest of the game waz a bore with both teams seemingly unable to put more than 2 passes together--but we held oot for the 3 points and looked forward to the train jorney yem <(NOT!) which involved anothaa 3 trains to get back!

The forst,from Bristol to Manchester (we couldn't get a direct train back eethaa!) waz terminated at Bormingham az they didn't have enough train crew to take us to Mancland!  We were told that we could catch a train to Derby, then to Leeds, then to York and finally yem! (That's FIVE trains back!)   We protested to the ticket inspector and we were then told that they would hold a train back at Bormingham which would take directly to York---which we did
However!---we had to wait at York for ower an hour for wor train which waz due at just before 'midneet bells' and 'The York Tap' boozer waz an unexpected 'port o caall'!

Aa finally arrived back yem at 1':30 am bells', some 6 and a half hours after leavin' Bristol!--and 6 trains after leavin' The Toon!
Aaall in the line of duty of course!

Toon team: Sels, Anita, Clark, Colback, Mbemba, Lascelles, Hayden (Shelvey 87), Richie, Gayle (Aarons 88), Diame (Perez 63), Gouffran

Attendance: 22, 512 (2,500 Toon fans) This waz The Big Bristols biggest gate for 26 years! 

* more pix to follow!

PS: "NEW GROOND!---NEW GROOND!"  Off to Dagenham in east Landon in an hours time to watch wor U23s play West Ham U23s tooneet !---by TRAIN!---(will I never lorn!)  

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